Five secure messaging app(s) to use in Nigeria

An instant messaging app is more suitable than email, and safer than SMS text messaging with the right messaging app. Management of emails in your inbox is an essential part of running a business, but exchanging of emails can be slow and disjointed. A safe messaging app will allow you safely give away private info with your employees, customers, and co-workers, without worrying that your files could be compromised.

Business Messaging app

What does it imply for a message to be secure?

it means that your messages are encoded before they even go out from your device. When a message is being encoded, it is only the intended recipient that can read the message. Even if they’re intercepted during the exchange.

Some messaging app(s) offers functionality that is self-destructive that enables you to send messages that are deleted automatically after they’re read. There’s no messaging app that is totally foolproof. Business users with confidentiality concerns would be wise to check out these five secure messaging app(s). Messaging app can be for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.

List of messaging app to use in Nigeria

1. Signal Private Messaging app

It is very free, Secure and easy to use. This is our favorite overall secure texting app. This app keeps all of your private emails secure. It has abundant features that power consumers will appreciate. This is why it is easier to use than some of the other options on this list. They have the ability to set up encrypted groups for reserved conversations with your complete work team.

Most secure messaging apps need both parties to make use of the same application for encryption to work effectively. Signal Private Messenger stands out by working with SMS picture messages as well as standard SMS text messages. That means professional users can use the app to complement an extra layer of safety to regular texting, even if the client or coworker you’re messaging isn’t on board.

2. Chat secure Messaging app

This messaging app is one of the most secure messaging services all over the place. It makes use of open-source, openly auditable encryption libraries to save your private professional messages. It’s very flexible, allowing you choose between connecting via your current Google account or generating a new account on a public XAMP server.

Consumers who want a reliable security can connect to Chat Secure from their own personal server. This app doesn’t need your mobile number or any other personal data to get started.

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3. Gliph

This is a secure messaging app that you can use on all of your android computing devices. When you’re at your work place, use the Gliph desktop app so that you can receive and send text messages using your mouse and keyboard. Another important feature is “Real Delete,” which allows you to delete a message permanently from both the sending and receiving device, as well as the Gliph server.

A pseudonym can also be attached to your main account at any time, so you can use a screen title for personal chatting and change back to your real name for business communications.

4. Wickr

This messaging app allows you set an “expiration date” for every bulk message you send. All you have to do is to select a time and date for the expiration of your media. This will be automatically deleted at the time allocated. You don’t have to disturb yourself about a third party reading your personal communications that are left on the contact of your smartphone.

These messaging app features have end-to-end encryption for all messages, and it allows you eliminate metadata from individual messages, such as the time in which the message was sent and also the geolocation data. The accessible feature makes it able to completely delete message files that have been deleted manually but is still inside your smartphone’s memory.

5. Silent Phone

It encrypts video and voice calls, and also standard text message encryption. Messages sent through this messaging app can only be read by the recipient that the message is designated for. They are deleted after the recipient has read the message. It also allows for secure file transfers for only subscribers with the encryption keys.