4 Sales Pitch that Works For Nigeria Business

A Sales pitch is a line of dialogue that endeavors to convince somebody or something, with a premeditated sales presentation strategy of a product or service intended to initiate and close a sale of the manufactured goods or service

In Nigeria business today, the sales pitch is the essence of any company. No matter how fantastic and well package your product is, Every company needs a sales pitch. if consumers or clients are not buying a company’s product as a result of a bad sales pitch, such company might as well not be in business anymore. That’s why producing an eye-catching sales pitch is so crucial for business growth in Nigeria.


Bob Circosta the inventor host of the Family Shopping Network and television’s “Billion Dollar Man,” have a lot of idea concerning what it takes to close a sale. It’s not about giving a full detailed analysis and features of your product — it’s about making the buyers be aware of the numerous ways your products can be of immense benefits to them through your sales pitch presentation.

In Nigeria business/market we have supplementary goods such as margarine and butter, tea and coffee, beer and wine etc. All the goods all serve the same purpose. That’s why a lot of companies spends money to carry out top notch advertisement of various forms through online and offline media.

As a manufacturer in Nigeria Business, you shouldn’t think from the viewpoint of what you have, you should think of the solution it will bring to people’s problem. You need to take your sales pitch and let it be in line with the perspective of your consumer. You should focus on what the product means to the buyer instead of thinking about how to make rapid sales. Sale reps are the mouth piece of a business because they convince the buyer to feel the value of what they have.

Basic elements in a sales pitch

1. The opening

The initial contact with a prospective consumer or client is important in setting the tone for the ongoing rapport. Tom Silk once said, “there is power in the initial sentence of the sales pitch”. However, it’s not what you say; but it’s how you say it that matters. It is worthwhile to use tone, energy, and enthusiasm when presenting a sales pitch to a client because establishing a connection with the prospective buyer you’re selling is absolutely critical.

2. Social Cues

Whether you are meeting the person one on one or on the phone, pay attention to the facial cues that are happening during the pitch and also note the body language of the person. Check out for confirmatory cues, such as head nods, forward leaning, and relaxed postures. If all these aren’t happening just know you have to take a step back. It is difficult to identify these kinds of social cues during phone conversation but they are there if you can listen well.

3.The call to action

This is the utmost important part of the sales pitch: Ask someone to take action at the conclusion of a sales presentation. Even if the potential buyer isn’t ready to make a final decision yet to buy your product, leaving them with a call to action will at least store the impression of doing business with you fresh in their thoughts.

4. The follow-up plan

Knowing the time to follow up on a sales pitch is another element in its success. It would be nice if every sales pitch brings out sales at the end of the pitch, but that hardly happens. Some Customers needs to take time to weigh the proposal and make sure what you have to offer is going to bring a solution to their problem.

12 tips to a sales pitch

1. Get to the point straight ahead.

2.  Don’t use many slides.

3.  Establish the demand.

4.  Use a message map.

5.  Use a multilevel structure to your sales pitch.

6.  State who are your competitors.

7.  Include a sound bite.

8.  Introduce the team you are working with.

9.  Take “yes” for an answer.

10. Know the next step,

11. Learn from others.

12. Don’t make a request.