7 Proven Marketing Tactics for getting Customers in Nigeria

When it comes to obtaining clients using proven marketing tactics, numerous big business isn’t sure which marketing plans they should use to fill the sales funnel. An effective lead-generation marketing has to meet numerous standards:

  • It creates large numbers of competent leads for your firm;
  • It supports you to reach a detailed audience of your target customers;
  • It monitors the total of leads you get; and
  • It measures the costs and ROI.

Marketing tactics for Nigerians

There are seven proven marketing tactics that meet these criteria. They are proven marketing tactics because they are the best ways for generating large numbers of actionable leads.

virtual lead-generation marketing tactics:

  • Marketing tactics # 1 Search engine marketing (SEM)

This comprises setting up ad promotions on Google and Bing. When the customer you are targeting searches for definite search terms. Your SEM ads will show at the topmost of their search results.

  • Marketing tactics #2 Display Ads

These are the most commonly used form of digital marketing. They are used on websites that are visited by the ad’s target audience and are used to creäte leads. Also, salespersons are now getting high response rates with communicating mobile ads on clients’ iPhones and iPads.

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  • Marketing tactics #3 Social media advertising 

This makes use of banner ads to target operators on social media (e.g., a “nuptial cruises” ads will appear on the Facebook pages of operators whose status is Engaged). Even Twitter now offers social marketing with the help of Promoted Tweets.

  •  Marketing tactics #4 Email marketing

This is another online lead-generation tactic that is very effective. Many businesses are unwilling to try it because they’re scared their marketing emails will be misguided for spam. But if you use direct, permission-based mailing lists and keep an eye on the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act guidelines, you can help to make sure that your emails will get through to your target customers.

Before the digital era, these three proven tactics reigned, and they still carry in thousands of leads for firms that use them.

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  • Marketing tactics #5 Direct mail

This is a great tactic for explaining the profits of a multifaceted product or service in detail. But it’s a costly tactic, so use it only if you’re marketing something that will yield you a high profit on marketing investment (e.g., cars), or if your client has a long-term lifetime value (e.g., insurance) through a renewable agreement or recurrent sales.

  • Marketing tactics #6 Cold calling

This works best today if you’re marketing products or services to other companies. In cold calling, you use a directed call list of customers (e.g., business executives) who might have a necessity for your products or services.

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  • Marketing tactics #7 Tradeshows

Trade shows are a great way to gather potential customers that want to buy your products/services. You should experiment all seven marketing tactics and use the ones that will work best and are the most cost-effective.