10 Habits You Must Let Go If You Want To Make It Big In Nigeria

Being an entrepreneur in Nigeria come with many hicks and hooks and that’s the more reason why you must let go of some habits. The environment along isn’t favourable, so, i will rather say some of them are natural, but then, habits are cultivated and at the same time, can be killed. So below are the top 10 habits you must let go if you want to make it big in Nigeria.

  1. Grumbling about the things YOU CANNOT control.

Everybody knows that things are not right in the country. Things like how there are no jobs for the graduates that the universities keep pushing out year every year, and how the country is in recession and also how there is no electricity to even encourage the people that are trying to build something for themselves.

But if you want to make it in this life with your business or investment then grumbling is definitely one habit you need to drop, you need to shift away from that gang of people whose only goal every single day is to come together and lament on how bad things are and how little the government is doing.

You have to learn to accept that things like PHCN power supply and the performance of the government are things that YOU CANNOT control and hence there is obviously no reason to spend day after day grumbling and worrying over them.

As a matter of fact if you spent that time you use to cuss out the government on thinking of the ideas that you could work on to help your business grow, you would think up ideas that will skyrocket your business so fast that you’ll become a millionaire sooner than you think.

So if you want to make it in Nigeria, forget about all these little frivolities and focus on what you CAN DO instead. you can read this helpful tip on how not to get fed up as a Nigerian entrepreneur.

  1. Jumping from one business idea to another.

Yes, If you want to grow then you have to stick to ONE idea, believe in it and give it all you have. Business is not a day job, and good things don’t come easy.

So stop that habit of trying out an idea and then dumping it if it hasn’t gotten you the money you were hoping it would get you after a certain period. Besides nobody got it easy, it takes time to build a dynasty. Stick to one idea and in due time you would be glad you did. Shuffling between ideas is one of the habits that needs to go.

  1. Procrastination.

Procrastination is one of the fastest and swiftest killers of businesses and ideas. If you keep putting that idea off or keep telling yourself that you will do it later, then chances are that you may not end up doing it.

Don’t wait for everything to be in your favor before you act, because the longer you wait the more unfavorable the factors get. If an idea comes to your head work on it NOW! Procrastination is definitely one of the habits you don’t need.

  1. Fear.

Fear in this case, implies being too scared to invest or to try out something, or even to believe that you can make it. Don’t ever be too scared to start and when you start don’t be too scared to believe that you will succeed.

Don’t let the fear of failing at a venture stop you from starting it, because most times these fears are unrealistic. No matter how silly that project is, if you believe in it and you know that it will be worth it then go on and work on it. Facebook founder- Mark Zuckerberg’s dream was to bring the world closer with the internet and most people thought that was impossible at that time. But he did not relent and today he is one of the richest men alive.

  1. Laziness.

You surely don’t need me to tell you that this is something you need to drop if you want to make it in Nigeria. The hustle is on out there, and if you want to get rich you have to double yours. in Orezi’s Voice,

“Alaye Double Your Hustle”

You can’t sit home all day or spend the whole day catching fun and doing unproductive things and then hope to become a billionaire someday all because you have many ideas in your head. Laziness is one of the habits that you should not let yourself get accustomed to if you want to make it.

It is not enough to dream it. Get out there and work it out!

you can remain lazy if you are GT Igwe Chrisent that became a millionaire by being lazy if you ain’t him then go out there and hustle.


  1. Mediocre Friends.

There is a quote that says “if you are the most intelligent in a room then you are in the wrong room”. Yes, if you want to grow then your circle must grow too.

You cannot carry everyone along. Some people are so content with being in the level they are at that they vehemently refuse to upgrade. You cant let such people tie you down.

You have to constantly make new contacts with people that you know will positively contribute to your growth.

  1. Flexing/ Showing off.

Yes, I know say body no be firewood. But if you use up the time and money you should use for hustling in flexing then you will never make it.

If you are not yet where you want to be then all your time and money should be directed to hustling to make sure your bank account never goes dry.

And if you choose to be objective, you’ll see that most of those hangouts are actually unnecessary. You end up spending money you don’t have to show off to people who are probably doing “borrow pose”. And in the end you get into debt.

Stay focused, when you make it, no place would be too expensive for you to cool off in. Showing off is definitely one of the habits you don’t need when you are still building your business.

  1. Displacing your priorities.

If you want to grow past the level you are in now then you have to set your priorities right. Know the things that deserve your money and attention.

Yes, sometimes everything seems important and it may seem like you have enough money and time to cover it all. But that is not productive thinking. You should sort out everything according to how important they are to your goals and then only give your attention to the most important ones.

  1. Putting other people down.

Yes, bad belle no dey pay. You must not put someone else down to get to the top. For you to win, another person does not need to lose.

As a matter of fact, to put someone else down you would need to spend time and sometimes money, and if you spent that time and money on improving yourself you would get ten steps closer to your goal. It does not kill to support others. And if you support other people’s business they will support yours and add to your growth. There is enough space for everyone. Always looking for ways to put other people down is one of the habits you should drop.

The best and most secure way to get to the top is to work on yourself and not to work on pushing others down.

  1. Not Saving.

Nothing is too small to save and you may never know when that money you have been saving will come in handy.

Always save no matter how small. Not saving and spending all you have is one of the surest habits that will always keep your bank account on life support.

Work on yourself so that when opportunity comes knocking you will be ready!!!