We are Launching Entrepreneur Opportunities to Help African Startups and Jobs Seekers

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Press Release By The CEO Of Entrepreneur Platform On The Launch Of Entrepreneur Opportunity On The 1st Of April, 2019

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

The measure you give is the ultimate measure you receive. According to Louis De Bernieres, liberty is believed to be the secret of happiness while courage is the secret of liberty. We do believe in your happiness and that is why we are taking this courageous step to bring this new opportunity to our readers. Entrepreneur Platform launches Entrepreneur opportunities for the benefit of its users. How does that sound?

I believe it sounds pretty well especially when you understand the idea behind the launch of the platform. True success is the maximum utilization of your ability according to Zig Ziglar and to utilize your abilities maximally, you will need certain opportunities.

Since our inception in 2017, we have dedicated most of our energy, time and resources to telling our readers the importance of starting and running businesses. It has been our focus as it should be given that we are an entrepreneurial outfit. We have over 10,000 people who have directly benefitted from the Entrepreneur Platform in terms of starting businesses, accessing loans, and running their existing businesses.

Our concentration on entrepreneurship does not hide the fact that we believe everybody cannot be entrepreneurs. It is not a sad thing but an expected outcome. However, we believe that everybody can be successful in any chosen field.

In a quest to serve our current subscribers more and reach more people, we are adding an Opportunity desk platform in our model After moving from Entrepreneur Nigeria to Entrepreneur Platform to help African startups and job seekers get the latest listing with respect to what they need.

On this, we have tasked ourselves with bringing the best of job opportunities for those that seek jobs, the best of grants opportunities for those that seek it, the best conferences and seminars to attend for those who desire it, the best loan opportunities for those that seek it, the best of academic openings for those that are interested in them and so many other things.

entrepreneur opportunities

In fact, we are dedicated to bringing the best of every opportunity available so that everybody can benefit from entrepreneur opportunity.

It should be noted that what we are giving you is derived from the needs of our users. Our users asked us to provide them with a platform that can solve certain problems that they have. What you want and asked for is what you get.

Below is the breakdown of the things you should expect from Entrepreneur Opportunities:

  • Nigerian and foreign jobs
  • Grants
  • Loan opportunities
  • Internships
  • competitions
  • fellowships
  • Scholarships
  • Programmes
  • Academic research opportunities
  • Free and paid seminars and conferences in all fields.

As we stated in our mission statement, we will not rest until the Entrepreneur Platform becomes a household name. We are committed to bringing the maximum value to you.

The link that you can use and access Entrepreneur Opportunity is www.entorm.com/opportunities/

In a very special way, I want to acknowledge the efforts of everybody who is part of the Entrepreneur Platform team. You guys have been awesome. The founder who is also an admin of the platform, GT Igwe Chrisent, you have been amazing. We can only pray for more groundbreaking ideas and innovations from you. All the editors, especially Okaria Odili Franklin, contributors, reviewers, and users, you are the reason we are still going strong.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you what you asked for. I give you Entrepreneur Opportunities. Go ahead and utilize maximally your intrinsic and extrinsic abilities

Okorie Samuel Ossi

CEO, Entrepreneur Platform



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