What Is Soxax? Soxax Review, Blockchain Type, Problem Solved.

SOXAX, the social media that does more.

Following the negative buzz about most social media platforms stealing, selling and trading users data for money and having users raise alarm at the rate at which these social media platforms wreck the productivity of young millennials, there are a need and call for a decentralized social media platform that will help solve all these problems while people pass time using them.

SOXAX prides itself on giving users maximum data protection and utmost privacy.  The platform is adopting the end to end encryption data protection approach; because it’s decentralized, it gives people the choice to fully encrypt their data or let it open.

Once encrypted, only the password linked to the private key of the users can decrypt the data and account from Soxax database. for a user (a Soxian) logs into their account, they must decrypt their account with their password to unlock their account. Data exchanged within the SOXAX platform are encrypted and doesn’t leave the platform as a plain text.

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Just like the founding principles of blockchain technology, the Byzantine general’s principles is adopted here and is a foundational technology of the SOXAX platform.

So, therefore, your entire data is stored with end-to-end encryption, so every data we get from you get you are encrypted before there are saved into our database and, and we have no way to decrypt those data because only you can decrypt it.

SOXAX, will be the first and next generational social media platform to disrupt and solve the current problems associated with social media which include;

  • Data and identity theft
  • Impaired Productivity and laziness
  • Not earning any money or rewards while surfing and using the social media platforms.
  • Procrastination and not meeting u with to-do list.

On Soxax platform, users get to enjoy text status, image and videos uploads, live videos streaming, gaming, video, sales on the marketplace, etc.

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The Soxax platform uses Proof of Social/Proof of Activity algorithm to reward users with Soxax dollar which can be exchanged and converted into Money at various exchange sites trading Soxax.


List of Problems Solved SOXAX Decentralized Social Media in Details

  • Soxax is Decentralized.

Soxax is decentralized on it’s database and does not give anyone including Developers any power to modify, edit or delete any registered account on Soxax.

With this feature, accounts cannot be blocked or deleted but enables community to leave a POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE review on user account with good/bad reputation by flagging the account of user with bad reputation. This will enable protect the community of people to deal with on the Soxax platform.

Soxax is built on an independent Blockchain technology and uses PROOF OF SOCIAL/PROOF OF ACTIVITY to reward it’s users.

  • Making Money While Socializing

Soxax platform will enable users to make money by actively participating and engaging on the Soxax social media platform.

To keep the Soxax coin stable in the market, not all funds in balance can be withdrawn immediately. This is to control users from flooding the market with Coins to sell off while encouraging engagement to earn more Soxax Dollar.

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It uses PROOF OF SOCIAL/PROOF OF ACTIVITY to reward it’s users. The algorithm of Soxax is built to reward every user for posting contents, sharing contents and engaging on the platform.

  • Social Media Data Piracy

Social media platforms are aiding data piracy, millions personal, organizational and private data has been publicly traded to the advertiser and big data analytics companies or data brokers;

These companies collect your personal data, like name, address, what you earn and where you visit on the internet, who you connect with online and what your preferences are and then sold to other companies for a very lucrative cost.

Once these companies collect the information, the data brokers package and sell it sometimes to other brokers, sometimes to businesses — that then use the information to target ads to consumers. And it’s a lucrative industry. One of the largest brokers, Acxiom, reported over $800 million in revenue last year.

Soxax data is secured with an END-TO-END encryption technology. The encryption cannot be decrypted even by the Soxax developers. Every encrypted user account is connected to a private key which can only be decrypted by the user password. In cases where Password is lost, the change password option will give command to the encrypted key to reset and change password using the signup details connected to that account.

  • Increased Productivity.

Because people spent a lot of time on social media and thereby killing their level of productivity, Soxax enables every users to stay up with TO-DO list of everyday and constantly reminds them to follow up with work at the speculated times. The productivity tool on Soxax comes with a sound notification which constantly reminds users of their daily task while they socialize.

Join Soxax at www.soxax.com

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