Be Part Of Sumobank 2020 Savings Challenge With Just 2020 Naira

Be Part Of Sumobank 2020 Savings Challenge With Just 2020 Naira

sumobank 2020 savings challenge

Yes, the Sumobank 2020 savings challenge is here to help keep you in check against bad expenses and you will go home with a prize. A great businessman I know said that 1 million NGN allows you one million ways to spend a thousand NGN. You need to understand that learning the habit of saving is indispensable in your quest for financial freedom and independence. Sumobank is encouraging you to save by paying you for saving. Does that sound strange and far from the truth? I bet it does, but it is true. You stand the chance to win 2020 NGN simply by saving 2020 NGN in your Sumobank account in a week.

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Each week, a winner will be selected for the nine remaining weeks in 2019. All the nine selected winners will have 2020 NGN paid into their kick account on January 1st, 2020. Now, this is a challenge that you wouldn’t want to sit on the fence to watch other play. You might be saying 2020 NGN in a week? Well, if you check very well, you definitely will be spending more than that just for airtime. So, I want to believe that there is nothing stopping you from making the best out of this Sumobank 2020 savings challenge. Starting your new year with a credit alert from Sumobank is certainly a great way to start. So make the right decision today.

How To Be Part Of The Sumobank 2020 Savings Challenge

It is very easy as ABC because there is no form of complication at all. Kindly follow the following steps to be part of this New Year gift challenge from Sumobank.

  • If you have not created your Sumobank account, all you need to do is click here to become a registered member. Only registered members are eligible for this challenge.
  • As a registered member, simply log into your Sumobank account.
  • Once you are logged in, click on Instant save and save 2020 in your current balance.
  • There will be a selection every week for the remaining 9 weeks in 2019, and the 9 lucky winners will be credited with 2020 NGN in their kick account.

The above steps are all you need to stand a chance to winning this challenge come January 1st, 2020. Today is still early to initiate a good financial plan for the year 2020 and Sumobank is in the best position to help you do that. January is often a tough time economically in Nigeria, so why not shield yourself from that stress by saving with a guaranteed interest. Remember that Sumobank pays 10-15% annual interest for all savings on the platform. Even if you win this Sumobank 2020 savings challenge, it won’t stop the interest on your savings from dropping into your account.


Now is the best time to start saving and investing for that great future that keeps you awake at night. Don’t wait for tomorrow.



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