How To Enjoy Your Christmas With Sumobank Christmas Savings Challenge

How To Enjoy Your Christmas With Sumobank Christmas Savings Challenge

The festive season is fast approaching and there is no better way for you to prepare than the Sumobank Christmas savings challenge. Don’t let this Christmas catch you by surprise, start today to plan how it will go. All thanks to the sumobank team who have come up with a wonderful way to help you spice up your Christmas savings.

Christmas savings

Christmas is less than 130 days away and the best time to start saving for your festive season is now. You will be surprised as to how much you can save if you start now. Are you looking for a way to save up for the forthcoming Christmas season? Well, look no further because the Sumobank Christmas Savings Challenge is here for you.

What Is Sumobank Christmas Savings Challenge?

Sumobank is giving away a whopping sum of #100,000 to her customers through its Christmas Savings Challenge. The sumobank Christmas savings challenge is a way sumobank want to celebrate its teeming customers. It is just a good way to spice up your ember month with #10, 000.  Ten (10) lucky people stand the chance to win #10,000 by the 10th of December.

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All you have to do is create a Christmas savings mission account with sumobank and set out to save #100, 000 between September 1st and December 9th.

How To Partake In This Christmas Savings Challenge

Follow the steps below to get started and stand the chance of walking away with #10,000 come 10th of December.

  • Create Your Sumobank Account

If you are yet to create an account with sumobank, your first step towards winning this cash price is to have a sumobank account. All you need to do is log on to and create your account. It is free and comes without any charge. Once you have created your account, then you have taken a bold step towards winning the sumobank Christmas savings challenge.

  • Open A Mission Savings Account

As an already existing sumobank user, you won’t need to open a new sumobank account. You will simply go straight to your dashboard and open mission savings account with the name “CHRISTMAS SAVINGS CHALLENGE”. It doesn’t just end there, you will set a mission savings target of #100, 000 and start saving.

Who Wins The Sumobank Christmas Savings Challenge

Come the 10th of December, sumobank will randomly select 10 lucky winners among those that have successfully saved up to #100, 000 between 1st September and December 9th in their mission savings account. The winners will have the money credited to their sumobank main savings account.

Other Benefits That You Can Enjoy From Sumobank

As you save for this Christmas challenge, sumobank still pays the 10-15% annual interest on your savings. This is outside the money you stand to win from the savings challenge. While you are saving for this wonderful challenge, remember that your money will still be there for you whether you are among the lucky winners or not.

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There is nothing stopping you from joining the band now and smiling come 10th December.


You can only withdraw your money from the mission savings account when you have reached the target set. In this case, to be eligible to withdraw your money, it has to be up to #100, 000 which is your mission savings target. If you want to withdraw your money when you haven’t saved up to the said amount, sumobank will charge you 4.5% fee.

The charge is simply to deter you from withdrawing until you have achieved your goal or target for saving.



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