Sumobank Activates Sumopay: A Guide On How To Use The Sumopay Feature

Sumobank Activates Sumopay: A Guide On How To Use The Sumopay Feature

Sumobank is currently viewed as the best savings platform with the highest interest rates. This is no fluke. It is barely one year old and it is already making waves everywhere. It is because of its commitment to uniqueness and innovation that it has attained that height in such a short period. So, I will tell you more how to use the Sumopay feature on sumobank but we will have to look at these innovative ideas in sumobank first.

What makes Sumobank Unique

The truth is that we all can do many things that are alike but there will be differences if we take different paths and use different methods to achieve that. That is uniqueness. Uniqueness can be seen in two broad umbrellas; innovation and invention. If you cannot bring something new to the table, make something that already exists better.

There are other savings platforms in Nigeria. The question is, why is sumobank better? What does sumobank have that differentiates it with other savings platform? I will tell you.

  • The Academy

We have talked about the partnership between Sumobank and Entrepreneur Platform on so many occasions. It is just unbeatable and the first of its kind. It promises to churn out great entrepreneurs that will move the world and Nigeria in particular.

  • Sumopay

Sumobank also provides you with a way to receive money from non-users of Sumobank. It is an amazing feature that you won’t find anywhere else. That is what we will be talking about today.

  • Amazing support system

Sumobank has come into the market with an amazing group of support personnel. Support is usually one point that most businesses and even government agencies fail terribly. I remember visiting a website for a top research institute in Nigeria and I couldn’t find a contact number. The mail I sent was never replied and I lost my lead. This is the reality of many entities in Nigeria. This is why sumobank addressed this issue long before venturing into the market.

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A Look At The Definition Of Sumopay

SumoPay is a feature on Sumobank that allows you to receive savings from anyone anywhere without having to create an account. With your SumoPay link, you can ask your colleague, uncle,  Aunt, friend or family in Nigeria to send you money which will be credited to your account immediately. Does that sound good? You tell me.

What you can Do With SumoPay

  1. Receive savings from anyone
  2. Receive donations from the public
  3. Receive money from clients
  4. Request money from Clients/debtors, friends, etc.
  5. Crowdfunding and fundraising for a project.


How To Use The Sumopay Feature

Let us take a walk on how you can use the Sumopay feature. I know you will be intrigued.

  • Login into your Sumobank account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one using this link,


  • From the admin menu, click on ‘Sumopay’ you can choose to edit and customize your Sumopay link or not.


  • Copy your Sumopay link to clipboard and send it to anyone who wants to send/pay you money

They will be able to send you money instantly without having to create an account with Sumobank and the money will instantly be credited to your Main account which you can withdraw to bank anytime.

It is best recommended not to withdraw money received into your main account from Sumopay as withdrawals out non-free withdrawal dates comes with charges, aside from that, Withdrawals is 100% FREE.

If you’re just getting started with Sumobank, here is how to connect a debit card to your account and start saving.




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