Tips On How To Save Money Better In 2019

Tips On How To Save Money Better In 2019

Can you point to a particular reason for not having enough savings? Do you realize how easy it can be to save money better? The knowledge of these variables can help your 2019 become the year you start becoming financially stable.

In our online survey in 2018 when we conceived the idea of building Sumo Bank, we realized that many people are not entrepreneurs not because they hated the idea of becoming one but because they didn’t have money. Fund was a recurring issue. Some even suggested that we should give them loans to start their businesses.

More importantly, when we asked them if they make some money from other things they do, we found out that indeed they make money but they want more.

save money better

Now, as I have always said in my previous works, to become financially free, you need to invest, to invest this year, you must save money better and save money, you must look at these tips and you should sign up with Sumo Bank.

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So, do not worry about anything and kick on, 2019 will be your year if you can do things differently, even if it is just very slightly.

How To Save Money Better In 2019

save money better

  1. Work On Your Impulsive spending

One of the reasons people don’t save money better is impulsive spending. I mean that shit happens to everybody and that is the reality. However, some people have learnt how to handle it. The question is; Have you?

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People expend a lot of energy working only to spend them on things that they don’t really want. If you are going to save money this year and achieve your aims, you must handle your impulsive spending. Why not try to plan the things you buy so that you only buy the things you need. That way, you will have money to save and subsequently, invest.

  1. Ensure you have a shopping list

This is a follow up to the first tip. You need a shopping list before going to where you will spend your money. Spending money can be fun. If you think I’m lying, ask girls who spend their husbands’ or boyfriends’ money. It can be orgasmic.

Many people are busy that they only go shopping once in a while and if care is not taken, they end up buying more than they need. There will always be attractive shoes, shirts, and other accessories that will cost you money if you don’t know what you need to buy.

So, your shopping list will be a guide, a prudent and diligent effort to make the best of what you have. Investing will ensure a better tomorrow but spending does not. Take your time to build your list and try as much as possible to follow the list.

  1. Purchase in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a way to save money better. I hope it doesn’t sound weird? It is like saying that you need to spend more to save more. What a paradox! But it is true. You will need to learn how to buy your stock in bulk to be able to save well.

Here is the deal; when you buy in bulk, you are given discounts that you will use for other things. You will know the benefits in the long run. It is not immediate.

For example, if you buy a bag of rice at $80, you would have saved about $20 dollars because buying the rice in bits will be costlier. It is the same with other necessary commodities. When you buy bulk, you get what you need and you still have more to save.

save money better

  1. Use cashback websites

For those that buy things online, you will save money better when you use cashback websites. You will need to identify them first and make your purchases through them. They may need you to click some links to get the benefits but that will just take few minutes. Every dime is important to help your savings this year.

  1. Prudent use of credit cards will help your cause

Lots of people own several credit cards. If you are one of them, then you must learn how to be prudent and wise in your use of these credit cards. Some of these credit cards will offer certain rewards points when you utilize them for your shopping or traveling or any purchase.

Study your credit cards and learn the points offered for using them instead of cash and you can save money. Just know what is necessary and buy just that. Don’t get carried away because you feel that you earn points and start spending impulsively. The results will never be favorable.

  1. Sell your old valuables

Some people don’t like selling things. This is admirable. But, the truth is that you can save more money when you sell out some of the old valuables in your house. You just have to look at how important those things are, the value they add to your life and you will compare it to what you intend to do with the saved money then you will know the right decision to make.

  1. Make use vouchers and coupons

For those that shop online, you are very familiar with the use of coupons and vouchers. You receive some of these promo codes and vouchers through your email and you don’t save them. Some just discard them as soon as they receive them

These promo codes and coupons and vouchers can save a lot of money for you.

save money better


You don’t have to keep giving the same excuses every time. This is a time for you to get the hell up and act. How you position your life in this 2019 will determine the level of progress you will make. We are out to help you. You won’t be left high and dry.

If you have not signed up with Sumobank, then you are just not getting it right. If you want to become an entrepreneur, you will meet a group of experts in our entrepreneur academy. Be ready. Don’t be left behind.

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