Advantages Of Having More Than One Email Address Account

Advantages Of Having More Than One Email Address Account

I have been wondering why I find it difficult reading and accessing some of my old mail that I need to refer to. One thing that gets me crazy about these email issue is that most times i read and reply mails with my mobile phone since I don’t really have access to my laptop to do other crucial engagement that I have which do not allow me to enjoy my PC.

In this post I will be sharing some of the best tips and advantages that I feel is the reason why I started using more than one email address.

The reasons why you need more than one e-mail address are:


When you have more than one email address, it helps you to specify the type of mails you receive. For instance, the email address I use while signing up for a website is different from the one I use in while commenting on a blog post and it’s also connected to my gravatar account. Reasons being that signing up with many website can bring too much and unnecessary mails which can be annoying sometimes. So what I do it use a different email address for them. Now the email I use for my gravatar account is connected to my website on my contact page. Now between these two email accounts, I open the one connected to my website on daily basis but opens the other mail just when I feel like because I already know I have mostly trash-able and junks mail with just very few useful mails there.


            Normally you know it’s wrong combining your business with your personal life. That is what we see in the entertainment industry. Where a music artist over hypes himself and people will begin to see him as someone who is wort some good amount of dollars like hundred thousand (100000) dollars but in real life he still broke and has no money. Now in the case of email, one should have a private email account with which you give out on a personal note. Here in this personal email account, you give it out to people you feel that need to get to you personally. Then anybody can have your business email address name for official use. I will also use this medium to advice to have two mobile phones, one for business and the other for your private life.

NOTE: this is mostly advisable for people whose business is big or have a business growing very fast.

3:       UNIQUE MAILS:

            I have made mention of specification mails in my number one point. When you have more than one email address accounts, you will find out that to tend to have a favorite email address account which you give more attention. You should be able to know the type of mails you are likely to be receiving from a particular email account once you are operating or using more than one email address account. As a business man, you should give more attention to your business mail so as not to ruin your business reputation. What I do in my private email address account is that when I give it out, I always tell the person to let me know when he have sent me any mail because I might not visit it on time but I can’t try that with my business email. I also call unique mails; mail separation since it classifies the types of mails you receive from each account.


Having more than one email address account helps you respond faster to the most important mails. Imagine when you have email address account for the following purposes:

  1. Email for Your website/blog, gravatar account and customer support mail.
  2. Blog commenting email address account.
  3. Personal email address account.
  4. Official, diplomatic email address account.

From the list above, you should be able to know the email address account that you are always using, Hence that email account becomes your favorite email because you are getting exactly what you want from there. below are the list of recommended email services for now

  • or yahoo mail
  • protonmail
  • sbcglobal
  • aolmail
  • waphan

so, no tell the bell here.

Now the thing here is that these email accounts can have just one or two passwords to avoid forgetting. Now if you are using two passwords for your different email address accounts, anytime you try logging in into any of them and it says “password error”, by right you should know that the right password is the second password.

I only included the issue of using more than one password for different emails for those who will like it just as am doing mine.




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