5 Desktop App(s) That Help Business Operation In Nigeria

The desktop app incorporates easily with the cloud and mobile apps. Which helps you carry your work with you wherever you go.  In order to make tasks your easier and increase efficiency and teamwork in your business without ever leaving your computer? There’s an app available for that.  From keeping your files more protected and helping you train your employees remotely.

The desktop app can convert your computer into an extremely operative business tool with just a download that can be so fast.

business desktop appList of desktop app(s)

1. Notability

This desktop app has combined the ability for audio recording with the capacity to type handwritten notes. It can draft out thoughts, concepts, and take pictures including ICloud support. Notability lets you have access to your notes across your Apple devices. You can also bring together your notes by subject and back them up into your drop box or Google drive automatically.

While this desktop app may seem impeccably tailored for college students attending lectures. It can be accessible for your business, too. This app is perfect for annotating slideshows, assembly agendas and important PDFs. It can make things easier by filling out and validating forms. It allows you to spot photos, schematics, charts and more. You can easily share your notes with coworkers via cloud and email.

This desktop app, was only available for iPhone and iPad devices, was just released last month (Aug. 28).

2. TechSmith Snagit

Employees that work from home or travel a lot while working, this desktop app should be at the topmost part of your download list. This app is a Google Chrome desktop app that let you record on your screen, take captures on your screen, edit and enables you to share images.

With this desktop app, employees can be train remotely and provide feedback by generating and marking up videos and images to give details concerning what you mean. The app also encourages corporation and teamwork.

3. Gliffy Diagrams

This desktop app is used for those that devote a lot of time in creating charts or presentations. This is a Google Chrome app that makes the process so easy. This app works offline perfectly. It helps users generate professional-looking web pages, flowcharts, and diagrams that can be used for presentations.

It has an easy interface that is easy to use; snap-to-grid, sketching guides, alignment for shapes and distribution tools. It’s great for anything from basic sketching to site maps, floor plans and generating a superb Business Process Model (BPM).

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4. Watermark Plus

This is a great app for businesses that make use of photography. It is available on Mac devices, this desktop app is a converter that allows to resize and rename bulk photo at a time, as well as adding your logo in either text or image form.

It has some exciting key features, like its “smart fit” option, which adjusts your logo to diverse photo sizes, and actual previews, which let you see your pictures before you convert them.

In addition to changing layering and opacity, You can also add numerous logo at once combining and arrange them the way you like. Watermark Plus supports all formats of image: including JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and PNG.

5. Lockify

This desktop app is used for sending personal information to your associates. This app is a great way to keep your files protected. It gives you the ability to send and share private info in the form of a link that can be shared collectively via email, chat, SMS and other instant messaging platforms. The info you’re sharing is encoded and is being sent to a server via a link that you can share with anybody you like.