Internet in Nigeria MTN, Glo, Airtel

Internet in Nigeria MTN, Glo, Airtel

looking for fastest network for browsing in nigeria, best data plan in nigeria and fastest data network in nigeria then look no more because we have already for you. There are many internet service providers in Nigeria. However the cheapest of them are the telecommunications network e.g. 9mobile, Glo, Airtel and of course MTN. We have seen an improvement in the quality of data and a reduction in price across all networks. Each carrier appears to be trying to outdo the other in the quality of their internet related services.

Apart from individuals, businesses also use the internet. And it is important that their internet connection be fast and reliable. Fast internet service providers like Swift Networks, Smile 4G, MTN and Globacom provide near broadband or broadband services to their customers using Fibre optics, satellite, wireless and other internet technologies. And these services are good for both small and large scale businesses.

Internet Nigeria MTN Glo Airtel

Most Nigerians access the internet through their mobile devices. This is due to the convenience it offers. All one needs to here is get an easily affordable bundle.

You can also connect to the internet using your phone, as long as your phone has a USB port. The downside here is that calls would always interrupt your browsing experience. So getting a modem would be the best.

With as little as N1000 one can get 1GiG or more data allowance on all the networks.

Below you’ll find some of the operators and their data plans.

Glo Internet

Globacom is called the grandmasters of data because they have the cheapest data service in Nigeria. With N1000, you can get 1.6G for 30 days. And if you auto renew, by the next month you’ll get an additional bonus of 1.6G making it 3.2Gig. And for N2000, you’ll even get more than double of that.  The only downside to Glo is their speed a lot of times. Though if your office is situated in industrial areas like Ikeja and Victoria Island in Lagos. Then you might be able to enjoy your Glo data.

Dial *777# from a Glo sim or visit to learn more.

Airtel Mobile Internet

When it comes to data speed, Airtel is good. With N1000 you can get 1.5Gig of data. The problem with Airtel, though is that their data gets exhausted on time.  Some others have mused that the data allowance they give is usually not complete. Be as it may though, this hasn’t deterred people from using Airtel. Their latest product is the unlimited data bundle.  Learn more at

MTN Internet

Mtn in my opinion has the best of both worlds as far as internet is concerned. This is as regards their internet speed and also pricing. The network has very reliable internet. And they have different products suitable for both individual and business needs. With as little as N650, you can get 1Gig worth of data.  Visit

9mobile internet

Etisalat is now 9mobile. And as per speed that have the most reliable data provision in Nigeria. Even underground one is able to get good data service. The only downside to 9mobile internet is that they are the most expensive when compared to other mobile operators. For Etisalat N1000 data gives 1GB of data when others give 1.5GB. Visit the 9mobile website to learn more.

Dedicated internet service providers offer far more reliable data for your needs. Some of these ISPs include:

Glo Broadband:


MTN Enterprise Solutions:

21st Century Technologies: