iPhone 12; A Critical Review And Why It Stands As One Of The First Three Best Phones Of 2020

iPhone 12; A Critical Review And Why It Stands As One Of The First Three Best Phones Of 2020

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is one of the amazing products of the apple technological company which has dominated the market in 2020. presently the outstanding features have made it get rated as one of the first three best phones of the year 2020.

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I Phone 12 Overview

The iPhone 12 has a lot of outstanding features which makes it significantly unique. These features are; the smartphone fastest chip which is the A14 Bionic, the BLAST PAST FAST feature, an OLED display that comes edge to edge, a camera that comes with the night mode feature both on the rear and portrait cameras, a strong ceramic shield that is built to be four times better than drop performances, a 6.1 XDR Retina display and a 5.4 XDR Retina display for the I phone 12 mini, it has an Aerospace-grade that comes in aluminum edges, an H2Ok feature, an excellent splash, and spill resistance and many more excellent features that makes it the best bet for the year 2020.

This unique gadget comes in different colors from green, to red, down to blue, white, and then black.

Step By Step Feature Analysis

The a14 bionic chip feature

This feature allows the I phone gadget to embark on more than ten trillion operations per second of time. This A14 BIONIC CHIP is the fastest chip in any smartphone as it processes with the speed of lightning. It works like crunching and grinding trillions of operations swiftly on a neutral bloc or engine.

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This is the same chip present in the iPhone 12 pro. With this chip, great battery life is guaranteed. The most significant of all these is that the ability to act in such a speedy manner is not guaranteed in most technological gadgets.

The iPhone 12 display

The i phone 12 possesses A super XDR Retina display that guarantees clear vision. It also possesses an OLED feature and incredibly accurate color. The I phone 12 has a high rank in its pixel density. With these features especially the OLED, a perfect resolution for everything you set your eyes upon in the gadget is put in place.

This is a brighter, clearer, and more perfect display compared to most gadgets. This is presently the best display in all previous technological releases of the apple technology. Put simply, it is the best display in all I phone series.

The i phone 12 camera

This gadget possesses a Dual-camera system that works for hand in hand to give you the best quality of pictures and videos. The good news is that in recent I phone 12, both the ultra-wide cameras and the wide cameras all have a night mode. This is more outstanding and a perfect replacement for capturing low light shots.

With these, pictures captured in low light are clear as ever. This camera feature has brought with it an increment of 27% in its lightning. This guarantees you a clear picture better than ever, whether taken at night or during the day.

Considering the evening pictures, the night mode possesses the ability to sense when the availability of light is low. When this happens the night mode automatically salvages the situation, making your pictures clear while capturing in vibrant and beautiful color.

With these quality, camera features it is now glaring that the ball is in your court as you only have to start taking your dream photos and watch how they come out, more glamorous than ever.

The deep fusion of this camera’s in low and no light scenes carefully scrutinize all the numerous exposures to capture all relevant details. The camera makes proper observance of the environment you are present to snap these pictures, bringing out the wood texture, crystal, fabric, or whatever is present in the environment. The ultra-wide camera of the I phone 12 gets you a perspective that is second to none.

The Smart HDR 3 of the I phone 12 strikes a balance to the elements present in the shot. This helps in drawing out the excellent details in the surrounding objects present as at when the picture was taken. Be it the sky color or trees, even at high noon, this feature makes perfect your pictures.

Far beyond recognizing faces, the smart HDR3 of the I phone 12 makes use of machine learning which happens to be artificial intelligence for recognizing scenes. After which, brightness is adjusted, white balance is put in place and the required color is perfectly synchronized.

iPhone 12

As regards to how natural the smart HDR3 can make pictures look, in the presence of bright this feature possesses the ability to capture the skin tone, color saturation, texture, and various details of the individual. This makes the photos look natural and true to whoever casts a gaze at them.

The portrait mode is another outstanding quality of the in I phone 12. So far nothing competes with the portrait mode of this device. In artfully blurring the surrounding background and focusing attention on the subject, the portrait mode stands as the best option. To take great photos, six different lighting effects are made available and they are Natural light, high-light mono, and studio light.

Video capacity

The recording of videos in Low light has always been the problem most smartphones faced. How to improve videos in a smartphone to the highest quality has now become the focus of many smartphone companies. Well, I phone 12 has put up a full 27% better skill as regards to the video capacity.

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With this, every hour counts for the recording of videos. You can record videos at any time of the day or night. This brings the night mode into view. At night all that is required is just to prop your I phone up and then the light trail will begin.

Are you into creating animation or do you own a film studio? The 4K HDR video backed with a Dolby vision can assist you in brilliant video recording. You can then edit these videos in photos on iMovie. To play it on your television set to see all the details and color of your work you then make use of the AirPlay5.

The I phone 12 presents you with this start-to-finish cinematic experience at least to record fun times and keep brilliant clear memories. This unique gadget is the first of its kind to have a camera that records on the Dolby vision.

True depth qualities

Have you had difficulties taking Night mode selfies before? You can now look glamorous in the dark with the night mode feature of the I phone 12 cameras. This outstanding feature is now on the front camera together with lots of previously mentioned features like the Smart HDR3, Deep Fusion, and many more.


The MagSafe accessories make everything to click perfectly. This component presents a beautifully stack-able feature. The most interesting part is that you can snap photos on the new MagSafe wallet or on the MagSafe case. This wallet is totally safe for your credit cards as it is shielded with modern-day technological protection.

Charging the device

The I phone 12 is Turbo chargeable. The magnets made available align themselves in the most perfect way all the time for a faster and more effective wireless charging.

Magnets align themselves perfectly every time for faster wireless charging.

Amazing networks

The iPhone 12 is endowed with a 5G Ultra-fast wireless network.

The I phone 12 smartphone uses a delivery method of making available LTE at least up to 2Gbps. This means that the downloading of great shows, the streaming of very high-quality films and videos together with the uploading of desired contents and photos is made more swift.

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The very interesting thing about all this is that the I phone 12 possesses more than 11 LTE bands above every other smartphone of her likes. This makes doing the same in more places plausible.

The iOS 14

The iOS 14 is loaded with all necessary shortcuts that make all your wants available to you at an excellent time.

Conversations in messages you get to pin remain pinned and these frequently talked to contacts remain right on top of the list.

For the information you wish to have at a glance, the widgets have been designed to meet that purpose right on the gadgets home screen

On this gadget, there is also present App Clips, which let you use a minute part of an app to swiftly pay for for a dress or parking lot or even order for a take out goods.


On the I phone 12, Privacy is built-in.

iPhone 12 is designed in such a way it can keep safe all your information’s.

The facial identity data is always available to protect your device. Moreover, all internet messages sent with this beast of a gadget are all encrypted. Right before you go ahead to download an application, the iOS goes ahead to show you all of the privacy practices of the application. This is just a highlighted few of the I phones practices.

General components

The iPhone 12 comes with power adapters, Ear Pods, USB lightning cables, etc.

To charge the new I phone 12 using the USB-C to lightning power adapters and computer ports or the USB-A to lightning cables is left to your discretion but both are provided in the pack.


This sleek phone is designed to adapt to continuous picture-snapping in quick succession. The I phone speeds up its processing so as to capture all the necessary action required of it.

Sim card

The I phone 12 has Dual SIM, with provisions for the e-Sim as well. This affords the I phone 12 users to both use their personal number and business number all on the same phone.


The I phone 12 makes use of spatial audio along with Dolby Atmos. This allows you to hear so clearly as though you were at the scene of action. This is called 3D audio.


The iPhone 12 display has well-rounded corners. In a rectangular measurement the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro measure 6.06 inches, the iPhone 12 Pro Max measures 6.68 inches and the I phone 12 mini measures 5.42 inches.


These qualities have made the iPhone 12 so significantly unique that it is presently rated as the 2nd best phone of the year 2020.



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