Running Media Company in Nigeria with No Money

If you’re prepared to take the leap and begin your own communications and media company, there’s no cause to back out. Sometimes life entails you to jump first and make your idea a reality for the world to see. There must be some techniques to the madness that you can use to run your media company though especially when you’re on a financial plan and have no clients upfront.

media company in Nigeria

Techniques of launching your media company

  •  Launch online

There’s no need to launch your media company with extravagant or flamboyant parties such as cocktail event, bottles of champagne and a fancy guest list filled with celebrities that likely won’t show up. Go the stress-free way and begin with a simple but good looking website. Squarespace offers solutions for easy websites that are very eye-catching enough to your future clients. Your website should have the list of services you offer. Remember to keep things clear and direct, let people know what you’re offering.

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As a communications agency, you can start out rendering services such as content development, creative consultancy, reporting rules and social media strategies’ All these you can offer right from the comfort of your home. You should have contact details that should be well displayed for people that need to reach you.

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  • Make full use of your network

This is something that you should begin with on before you take that step. Build a large network by being present in events and mingling with the change-makers in the media company. Save their professional business cards and contact details for when you’re ready to launch your media company. As your launch date draws near send a newsletter announcing it through a service like MailChimp or Getresponse.

There is the saying “that your network determines your net worth”. The key here is the leverage the power of your network, and when contacting them do so tactically. People tend to delete emails easily but do not mind receiving an email announcing the launching of a media company. This is why you should include a bid in your initial newsletter, by giving a discount of 20% off for first-time clients. This is a great opportunity to entice clients.

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  • Invest wisely

Ensure that any little money you have is spent wisely. Get business cards and postcard sized pamphlets printed out to create awareness. These should again publicize your brand and the services you render.

Once your business cards and pamphlets are ready, you should reach out to people who you would feel that will be your target customer and leave those behind with them. This way you’re doing your publicizing your media company. By the time you snag your first couple clients you’ve set the ball rolling. When people see the value in what you have to offer in your media company, they will come flooding in.