Technological tools in Nigeria business

The use of technological tools in businesses in Nigeria has made things so easier and this increase productivity in the country. Everybody that opens a business in the country thinks of different thing in mind like what kind of machinery, equipment or technological tools to use and this has yielded well in the following areas such as

Technological tools in Nigeria business

  • The rapid increase in productivity by the use of technological tools.
  • Making difficult tasks so easy.
  • Specialization has become so easy with the help of technological tools.
  • Technological tools have helped to reduce cost and other miscellaneous logistics.
  • It has helped to conserve manpower.

When a person opens you a new business, he gets a lawyer and accountant, the next thing on his/her mind is to wonder what kind of computing infrastructure with be suitable for the business.

Many businesses have the same needs, which will be itemized below. Depending on the particular needs of your business, there will be some specific technological tools you’ll need desperately that other businesses might not see it as a necessity.

Six technological tools your business must have

  • Technological tools #1 Local Technology Consultant

In starting a business one has to have one or two mentors that know the nitty-gritty of the business in and out. People that he can trust and rely on for ideas on how to run the business with his working capital. These people guide him so that he won’t go astray or commit a blunder that will lead to falling of the business and who can guide you in your technology growth.

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Some people might decide to have an accountant for obvious reasons known them and a personal lawyer for even more obvious reasons – same goes for having a local technology consultant or solution provider. It is advisable to see their past project of what they have done for people, the employee(s) they have worked for, give the relationship with the time to grow to be sure they’re working in your best interest.

  • Technological tools #2 High-Speed Internet Access

The usefulness of the internet is a must for every business, no matter how big or small, they all need it. Having traditional dial-up access is simply too slow and too limiting for a business. High-speed internet will facilitate you to take advantage of online backup, and other technologies you wouldn’t be able to do at all or as efficiently with a dial-up connection.

For those that are into online businesses. Which their presence is only online. It is a must for them to make use of the internet in their business. If not the business will collapse. The internet is the lifeblood for them.  They must ensure that the vendor providing the service offers very reliable service and support.

  • Technological tools #3 Computers

Computers with high system properties such as a processor, RAM, hard disk space should be provided for each employee. These computers should be slow very fast, it shouldn’t be outdated but should be relatively new, with high-speed tools. Each computer should have plenty of memory (512MB or more), hard-disk space (80GB or more), a fast processor (2-3GHZ) and a quality screen for minimum eyestrain.

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  • Technological tools #4 Security

It’s absolutely imperative that the data of your business data is secure and backed up in an external hard disk. Your local network and every of your computers should have a firewall (a hardware firewall for your network and at least a software-based firewall for each computer) and anti-virus software to fight against viruses that may attack your system in the future (many come with bundled with features to help detect phishing and other online threats as well from external people). In addition, ensure your computers and network are configured by expert’s people that highly professionals and know what they are doing with relevant experiences.

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  • Technological tools #5 Website

Every business must have a website with this your clients can see company’s profile such as Mission statement, vision, services, contact, and address etc.. If you want to begin with a very simple site that’s more like a digital information sheet, that’s fine for now. But consider having a website filled with detailed information for your customers, affiliate, and employees. If you can’t build your site, you can hire a website developer to do this for you.

  • Technological tools #6 E-Mail

One of the thing that makes me so angry is seeing a growing business with an AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail address. It is so unprofessional because it’s very easy to have an e-mail address with one’s business name, there’s shouldn’t be excused for this. Your web host can set up e-mail accounts for you as part of your web-hosting service.