Top 7 Vacation Spots In Nigeria: You Should Take The Time Off

Top 7 Vacation Spots In Nigeria: You Should Take The Time Off

Relaxation is really needed for everyone; these top 7 vacation spots will really do the magic for you. Nigeria is blessed with a whole lot of tourist attractions. Knowing the best place to really enjoy yourself with family and friends can really be a challenge. For this reason, is bringing to you the top 7 vacation spots in Nigeria. These holiday resorts in Nigeria are really worth the try. I assure you won’t regret your stay at all. For those visiting Nigeria for the very first time, here are the top 7 vacation spots in Nigeria.

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Top 7 Vacation Spots In Nigeria

  1. Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort

Top 7 Vacation Spots In Nigeria

Located in Cross-river state Nigeria, Tinapa is a made up of business and leisure resort. Its world-class facilities make it possible for visitors to take part in business activities, as well as leisure and entertainment. For parents visiting with their children, the resort has different games for your kids to have fun to the fullest. It also has a shopping center that boasts of product offers from her 54 quality retail outlets. Located by the Calabar River, it provides her guest with a lakeside hotel with about 242 rooms. There is also a movie production studio, a casino, wonderful cinema, nightclub, and puns. At Tinapa, you have all you need to enjoy your vacation or summer holiday. It’s also a wonderful place for romantic getaways like honeymoon etc.

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  1. Obudu mountain resort

Top 7 Vacation Spots In Nigeria

Also located in Cross River State, it is one of the very best places to really have a wonderful and beautiful vacation or getaways in Nigeria. Located high up in the Cameroon Mountains, it provides an experience that is second to none. The beautiful and breathtaking views make it worthwhile for families, a young couple, holiday group, or a lone adventurer. They offer varieties of Nigerian and international cuisines in a very relaxing environment. This place merits its inclusion among the top 7 vacation spots in Nigeria. They provide accommodation in the form of African round huts, self-contained suites that will give you the best of comfort. They also have a fully equipped gym, two floodlights tennis courts, natural swimming pool, and a 9-hole golf course.

There is also a cable car that runs from the entrance of the resort at the bottom of the mountain up to the ranch at the very peak. It is actually claimed to be the world’s longest cable system. For your country getaway, holiday, or vacation, Obudu Mountain Resort is the perfect location.

  1. La Champagne Tropicana

Top 7 Vacation Spots In Nigeria

Located at Ibeju Lekki in Lagos State, this beach resort has a very beautiful blend of the natural environment. The freshwater lake, accessible mangrove forest, a savannah, extensive sandy beach, and the warm Atlantic sea make it the perfect place for a country getaway in Nigeria. There are world-class accommodations and other varieties of activities that will really make your vacation enjoyable. The security is top notch and reliable. The things that you will enjoy at this beach resort include spa treatments, massage therapy, fully equipped gym, cultural dance displays by the locals, an excellent ocean view, etc.  There are also sporting activities like horse riding, hiking, beach volleyball, soccer, hunting etc.

  1. Yankari National Park

Top 7 Vacation Spots In Nigeria

This is the most developed animal reserve park in Nigeria. Located in Mainamaji Village along the Bauchi Gombe road, it has the largest collection of animals than any other park within the country. At the moment, it is home to about 50 different species of animals. It is best visited between February and late April. The reserve boasts of about 59 caves, WIKI warm spring that has crystal-clear water that tourists can swim in. The food served here is mostly Nigerian. There is a souvenir shop that sells Nigerian artworks, a museum, and a bar. This is also a wonderful vacation spot in Nigeria. Being listed among the top 7 vacation spots in Nigeria is well deserved.

  1. Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort

Top 7 Vacation Spots In Nigeria

Located in the small town of Ikogosi in Ekiti State, it is a resort that is worth visiting in Nigeria. The mysterious thing about this spring resort is that the spring has both warm and cold water springs flowing side by side out of the same rock. Experts say it is a geological wonder. This is the only occurrence discovered around the world. The meeting point of these warm and cold springs is a unique attraction center for tourists. The Ikogosi warm water spring is acclaimed by the locals to have curative power. The resort around within this spring has one executive VIP chalet, three VIP villas, 12 western suites, 75 standard rooms of different styles. Having a vacation in this serene environment can really be rewarding. You cannot talk about top 7 vacation spots in Nigeria and you don’t mention Ikogosi warm spring resort.

  1. Idanre Hills

Located in Idanre town of Ondo state, the Indanre hill is a wonderful tourist attraction in Nigeria. This 800 years hill has about 640 steps to reach the peak and 5 resting points along the way. The hill gives visitors a beautiful landscape view of the town below. The evergreen landscape that surrounds the hill presents nature in its best form. Swimming in the Arun River, the rigors and fun of climbing the hill, and the peacefulness in the atmosphere make the Idanre hill a beautiful place to visit. The Arun River lies at the very top of the hill. You can also have a look at the Agboogun footprints that is said to enlarge or contract just to accommodate every footprint placed in it.

A very wonderful and beautiful place for all adventurous minds. This historical hill is really worth mentioning among the top 7 vacation spots in Nigeria.

  1. Le Meridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort

This is a hotel with a world-class 18 hole golf course. It is actually the best place to practice your swing or polish your golfing skills. It is located in Uyo Nigeria. It provides the best memories and offers amazing accommodation and services that leave you feeling like a king.

In Conclusion…

Have that vacation and give yourself that treat that you deserve. To do that, visit one of these top 7 vacation spots in Nigeria and you won’t regret that you did. Are you visiting Nigeria for the first time, or have been in the country and haven’t tried out these resorts? Create the time and relax your body.