Top 5 Business Schools In Nigeria: Enroll For Your MBA programs

Top 5 Business Schools In Nigeria: Enroll For Your MBA programs

To improve yourself in the world of business, you need to be enrolled in one of these top 5 business schools in Nigeria. Universities in Nigeria offer business management at degree level, but it’s just the basics that you will be taught. Therefore, applying to one of these top quality business schools in Nigeria will be a great addition to your knowledge of business administration. These business schools are not just started out of nowhere; they are accredited business schools in Nigeria.

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They are the best schools to study for your MBA in Nigeria. These business schools in Nigeria guarantees you the best quality education that you can get anywhere in the world. You may desire to enroll for an online business school, or you might even want to travel outside the country to attend a business school, these business schools in Nigeria have proven themselves over the years. Great businessmen and women in Nigeria today are products of one or more of these business schools in Nigeria. These schools offer the best MBA programs in Nigeria at the moment.

There are different business schools in Nigeria, but there are many factors to consider before making your choice to enroll in any of them. You must know the quality of their faculty, the caliber of teachers in such business school, as well as their alumni network. The alumni network of these top 5 business schools in Nigeria, present you with great business networking opportunities within and outside the country.

Top 5 Business Schools In Nigeria

The list of the best 5 schools to study MBA in Nigeria includes the following:

  1. Lagos Business School

Business Schools In Nigeria

This is the leading business school in Nigeria. It is privately owned by the Pan-Atlantic University in Nigeria and is located at Lekki, Lagos State. They have different business management programs to meet your specific objective in business administration. These programs include full-time MBA programs, Executive MBA programs, and Doctoral MBA programs. They also have one of the most vibrant online business schools in Nigeria with complete accreditation to run your MBA. They gained their reputation as a result of their high standards in business management education. It is the very first business school in Africa to receive accreditation from the Association for Advanced Collegiate School of Business (AACSB). It is also ranked 3rd in Africa by the Financial Times.  They have a very strong alumni network that you can leverage for business opportunities in Nigeria and abroad.

  1. Executive Business School

This is also among the best business schools in Nigeria to study for your MBA. Founded in 2007, they offer different undergraduate and postgraduate courses in business administration and management. Located in Lagos, Executive Business School has a very good partnership with European Universities. This partnership has given the students access to a mixture of qualified faculty members that contribute to the development of the school curriculum and program. Arguably the largest independent business school in Nigeria, they are known for international best practices in the delivery of quality business education to their students.  They have a very rich base of alumni network in financial services, pharmaceutical industries, etc.

  1. West Africa Business School (WABS)

Business Schools In Nigeria

Registered in Nigeria as in 2002 as a private regional institute, this business school is committed to the growth of businessmen and women that will improve Africa in general and West Africa in particular.  They have different campuses in Ghana, Gambia, and Nigeria. They don’t make use of the traditional award of graduate degrees like other business schools in Nigeria, rather the offer corporate training through executive open enrollment as well as an in-house programme for companies. Their entrepreneurship development centers target primary and secondary school children, as well as unemployed graduates.

  1. International School Of Management

This is another top-notch business school in Nigeria that award MBA degrees to businessmen and women across Nigeria and beyond. They offer both undergraduate and postgraduate business educations, as well as online training in business management. They have been able to foster academic alliances with leading universities around the world, especially in Europe and America. They have a mixture of qualified foreign and domestic tutors that have a very good knowledge and understanding of the Nigerian business environment.

  1. Metropolitan School of Business Management

Business Schools In Nigeria

Also located in Lagos, this business school is a branch of the Metropolitan School of Business Management in the United Kingdom. They offer both online and offline services to their students. For those that like the sound of having a foreign degree, this business school offers that to you even without you traveling abroad.

I believe that this article about the leading business schools in Nigeria will help you make an informed choice of a business institution when the time comes for you to enroll in a business management school in Nigeria. Don’t be afraid of the quality of education and learning, it will definitely be at par with what you can get anywhere outside Nigeria.