What Businesses Can A Woman Do in Nigeria?

With the state of the nation at the moment, there is a definite need for extra sources of income by women all over the country. As a woman, whether as a nursing mother on maternity leave, or a working mom, there are business opportunities for you to make money here in Nigeria. This article shows you a number of ideas that could boost your financial strength as a woman in this country, no matter how hard or rough the times are. In essence, I am considering the top businesses a woman can do in Nigeria which are lucrative and make real profits in less time.

The 8 Top Businesses A Woman Can Do in Nigeria

(1) Distribution of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

There are thousands of FMCG goods being churned out every day. Also, the need for these goods in homes cannot be over-emphasized. This makes Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) a very lucrative idea for women intending to go into business.

First, it gives you income regularly as FMCG such as detergents, snacks, toothpastes, noodles, etc., are in daily demand. You could start by picking a particular class of goods, and distribute to different stores. Take tissue for example, or face masks, you could begin distributing them to different medical work places and get your pay at the end of the day. Whatever your choice of goods is, FMCG is usually readily lucrative.

(2) Events Planning Business

Planning of events could be a very appealing idea to women who love to take part in the planning and managing of social events such as birthdays, weddings, burial ceremonies, etc. To work as an event planner, you do not have to rent a shop or an office space. You only need your skills of managing occasions as well as marketing your brand to people around you.

Many would not buy the idea of going through the stress of planning their own events, for different reasons. Besides many people practically have no idea of how to go about or plan their events. So, event planners are needed in much supply everywhere.

Businesses A Woman Can Do in Nigeria

Businesses A Woman Can Do in Nigeria

(3) Offering of Freelance Writing Services

Working as a freelance writer is one of the businesses you could do to make steady income or extra cash for yourself as a woman. Do you have some interest and skill in writing? Do you know how to express yourself through words? Freelance writing might be a valid option for you. There are organizations which will pay you much for writing for them.

There are different options in freelancing. You could either help in translations, audio-to-text transcription, writing of freelance articles, journalism, etc.

(4) Video Blogging (Vlogging)

You may decide to go into Vlogging (Video Blogging) by creating a page or channel on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Ensure that your videos are of good audio-visual quality and can draw public attention. See to it that the videos are brief, and have an inviting title.

You get paid on your YouTube channel when you sponsor adverts on your channel and more subscribers flock to your channel. You can also monetize your channel/page by advertising and selling your or affiliate/others products and services.

(5) Catering

Catering is a very lucrative business, especially in this part of the world where parties are a common sight. Do you love cooking, and have got your family licking their fingers after each meal you cook? You might want to consider becoming a professional caterer.

You could go into outdoor service provision or indoor service provision, whichever matches your fantasy or persona. You could major in fries and snacks or whole meals. Whichever your choice is, there is a prospect for profit making in rendering catering services. You could look to supplying schools, churches, even centres, fast food outlets and other corporate and semi-corporate organizations your products and make good your money doing so.

(6) Rental Business

Rental business could keep bringing you cash while you don’t have to be work actively on the job. Just as with catering, there is a strong possibility of demands for rental business owners, as parties are held almost every corner, every other weekend.

You could buy chairs, tables, pots, cutleries and canopies in bulk and rent them to customers at a rental fee, while you charge other fees such as damages fees, transportation fees, logistics fees, etc. Like I earlier said, you don’t have to do much, just rent the materials while you’re involved in doing other things, and you’ll get your income.

(7) Fashion Design

Many Nigerian women would prefer to sew their clothes, rather than buy ready-made clothes. This makes fashion design very lucrative. From aso ebi to simple gowns or uniforms, women often have a reason to need a seamstress.

All you need are a sewing machine, some materials and of course some tailoring skills, you’re good to go. With time, you will gain expertise and could even increase your rates. Just like in many other businesses, you stand a chance of getting multiple referrals to you when you do a nice job.

(8) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another platform you can consider for making extra cash. Affiliate marketing involves promoting a company’s products online whilst getting paid a commission for it.

You could sign up with e-commerce giants like Jumia or Konga, etc. For every customer that buys their products through your referral links, you are paid a commission. If you could take this up and actively advertise to many people to patronize your affiliated company, over a short timeframe, you would be smiling to the bank. You could also be affiliated to more than one e-commerce platform at a time.


In this piece, I opened you up to a number of ways through which you can make money as a women in Nigeria. Specifically, I covered 8 correct businesses a woman can do in Nigeria which are lucrative and make real profits in less time. Don’t you think there’s a source of extra cash for you among the ones I listed already? Check again and pick the one that suits you best. Then, go ahead and execute the business idea. You may need to gain some administrative skills on how to manage these businesses successfully. The best place to get these administrative skills is a business school. There, you will learn the rudiments of business management and administration which will greatly aid the success and longevity of your business.



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