10 Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

10 Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

Business Idea is the basic tool, everyone needs before starting anything: Having seen what it actually means to be a Nigerian graduate, Both the cost of surviving, the stress involved and Risk taking, I have decided to share the most and possible Business Ideas for Students.

These businesses are what one can do in Nigeria university and make a huge sum of money while on campus. I must say you are lucky to read this from gtpedia because what am going to tell you in this post for free and it’s what you will pay some amount of money for to get from other blogs.

Some of the point I will be telling you in this post is what I actually did while on campus, both the ones I make me a multi-thousands of cash and those that I failed with which I learned the lessons that gave me the experience with which I share with my listeners anywhere am hired to talk and motivate young entrepreneur. This post I have written out of my own personal experience and what I feel every Nigerian student needs to do and be comfortable while on campus.

NOTE: I used the name Nigeria because this post is referenced within Nigeria. Hence Anyone in High school/University outside Nigeria can apply this Business Ideas for those on campus to generate cash that worth millions of dollars.

Those reading this post from Nigeria know it too well that being a student in Nigeria is not cheap. You have to pay for books and handouts, make photocopies, pay for transportation, accommodation, and feeding as well as a whole lot of other expenses that will cost you a huge amount of money.

Considering the fact that most Nigerian parents are within the middle and low-income bracket, it is doubtful that students would be able to get everything they need to survive in school from home. Well during my school days, I was smart enough to outsmart myself and engaged in so many things that made me never to lack what to eat.

Early this year I was in an NMGS conference at Lagos where I had the opportunity to interact with some students where I advised them instead of engaging in practices that may jeopardize their future, why not look for a business that you can do on the side; one that would not interfere with your academics but would recharge and provide you with a lot of extra money to take care of your needs in school and even save something for when you graduate.

Before we get down to the list here is my little testimony of what hustling on campus has done to my life.

1:        I never lacked food to eat.

2:        I made and kept most of my friends that are have helped me in a better way today.

3:        I got to be vast with practical things.

4:        whenever I borrow, I pay on or before the time am meant to pay back.

5:        I always had enough airtime to make calls.

6:        Because am vast, when any of my attempts fails, the other keeps me going.

7:        It gave me some influential contacts and today am beginning to travel bit by bit which will soon take me internationally.

8:        I learned many things that no lecturer will teach me in any Nigerian university.

9:        Most important of all, I graduated with my mates without any problem in school.

Am only trying to tell you how Business Ideas for Students while on campus has helped me and not trying to show off any stupid pride.

So Now Let’s Go There:

10  Business Ideas for Students which you can consider doing while in school

  1. Tutoring

1.1      Many parents who work full-time require the services of expert tutors who can help their kids with difficult subjects at school and also help them with their homework while they at work.

There are two ways through which you can handle tutoring as a student. The first way is to do it online. There are many websites that you can register on to become an online tutor and make money during your spare time at school. The other way is to search for parents that you can advertise your services to so that you can schedule a time to visit their homes and teach their kids.

1.2      Many students especially those in their first and second year (100 and 200 level) pay to tutorial classes. As an intelligent and smart student that you are, you can engage yourself in teaching these students what they don’t know. Along with this, you can write a book about the course your teaching, past questions and answers and sell hundreds of copies to these students every year. I remember the guy called DJ MATRICS for his tutorial guide and audio records on mathematics that he sold 100 naira per CD.

  1. Sports training

Well am not really into sport but I know am good at gymnastics. If there are any particular sports you are good at, you can think of becoming a sports trainer. I remember that when I was in the university they used to be many fitness clubs organized by students and to join such clubs, you had to pay a token as membership fees. The organizers made sizable amounts of money for themselves doing this alone.

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  1. Graphic design

Here is my field; Graphics design alone gave me half a million naira in my fixed deposit account which is yet to be touched because they time have not elapsed. Click here if you want to know how I generated five hundred thousand naira and never touched it while on campus. Graphic design is huge right now especially because of the high percentage of people demanding graphics online, creating new websites. Web designers need graphic designers to help them create banners, logos and other similar materials to use to make their websites beautiful.

There is also a vast number of opportunities offline that graphic designers can tap into including designing logos, business cards, brochures and business cards for various small and large organizations. Click here to order for any type of graphics design from GTgraphics at a very affordable price. Send your design details to my email address and get your job delivered within 24 hours from the time of order.

If you are interested in learning graphics design, Click Here

  1. Freelance writing

Do you know you can make a very good amount of money writing articles and completing surveys online? Become a Freelance Writer. You can find a lot of freelance writing jobs on websites like Freelancer, Odesk, Elance, Fiverr, writer, and other micro-job websites. You must be a good writer before you can survive here but trust me it will get you good cash.

  1. Blogging

I recommend blogging for all Students as it will widen up your knowledge and I know that many are yet to know about. Now I do not need to tell you that am a blogger because you are already reading these tips from my web blog. Is there a topic you are passionate about? Or would you like other people to read of your experiences as a Nigerian Student/graduate?

You can make a lot of money from blogging about diverse topics you love and the good thing is you can start this business without a kobo. All you need is your laptop and access to the internet. But before you can survive in blogging, you must have the time and internet presence.

  1. Hairdressing

Hairdressing is also good Business Ideas.  This is a good idea for female students’ doe the guys are beginning to do well if not better these days in hairdressing business. You can help your fellow female students to make their hair and charge them a token for it. You can choose to do this on weekends only to avoid undue interference with your academic work. If you don’t know how to make hair, then use one of your school holidays to learn it.

  1. Event planning

Event planning is another easy business you can do as a student especially since most events fall during the weekend when there is little or no school work to be done. I and my team hosted if not more than 10 standard shows in 3 years and it made a lot of money for the successful ones, the fame in campus and the experience. Today I can practically analyze what and how much it takes to host a successful show/event in Ebonyi state.

  1. Pet breeding

8.1 Another great business that can make you a student millionaire in no time is pet breeding. Imported dog breeds like Alsatians, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds are some of the pets in very high demand in the Nigerian market.

8.2 The next animal business you can try and make huge profits it poultry or frozen foods business which I did. Have you tried to check the statistics of the number of students that cook in your hostel with chicken or fish? The advantage you have here is that u already has a close relationship with your target market and you don’t really need to do it yourself. All I did when I started my poultry farm business was to employ someone and monitor it.

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  1. Sewing

Sewing is another campus business you can also make a lot of money from, by helping other students to sew and mend their clothes, hence from here; you can own your own fashion clothing factory where you employ many people that will saw for you.

  1. Web design

You mustn’t be a computer student to start a web design business. Considering becoming a web designer pays well. Although you might need to spend some time learning the skills but as soon as you grasp the skills, there is no limit to what you can earn from web designing even as a student and it can finally take to your destiny.

NOTE: if you graduate from school without any skill or business, you will be unemployed and you will watch your mates becoming millionaires in different sectors of the economy and they will call you to become their employee. Reading and doing TDB all the time in school will not make you outstanding when it comes to real and practical life, so engage yourself in positive non-academic and social activities. It pays at last.

I just showed someone love by writing this piece of article on Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria, What do i need from you? it’s simple.

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