Virtual Speech On The Launch of Entrepreneur Nigeria 14th June 2017.

The Launch of Entrepreneur Nigeria

Today is a great day and to start with it, it’s my birthday (GT IGWE CHRISENT).

Today, a new baby and a new company is born (what a double celebration)

All thanks be to God.

The Mission of Entrepreneur Nigeria

Speaking about positive vibes and looking out for a way of helping the Nigerian Economy grow on a self-dependency ratio with a very little support from any potential sponsor. We are launching Entrepreneur Nigeria at to help every unborn, young and old Nigerian to become and entrepreneur using information Technology.
Entrepreneur NG is focused to helping old and young entrepreneurs build a better and sustainable business of any type.

Contents are focused on

  • Business tips and guides
  • Enterprise and motivation
  • Profiles and Franchise
  • Listings and Jobs
  • Career and motivation
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Marketing and growth

At launch, the platform looks small and kicked off with 7 selfless Admins which are

  1. GT Igwe Chrisent – Founder and CEO
  2. Okorie Samuel Ossi – Co-founder and Editor
  3. Igwe Samuel Damian – Author
  4. Eze Emmanuel – Contributor
  5. Emenike Emmanuel – Contributor
  6. Samuel Oyari – Contributor
  7. Denis Omaba – Contributor

The platform being a free and open source platform for business, entrepreneurship and life hacks writers who are open and willing to help others grow in their various businesses.

On this note, we call on business veterans, motivational speakers, bloggers and other epic writers to please come join/volunteer and become part of this great dream.

EN is open and welcomes anyone who wants to share any idea you fee will help others better their life.

In a step to balance equations for our volunteered contributors, you are free to monetize your content provided it’s of high quality and meets the standards of EN.

Please Apply to become part of Entrepreneur Nigeria here

Long live Federal republic of Entrepreneur Nigeria

Long live Federal republic of Nigeria