5 Places to obtain business fund in Nigeria

We have been in search where small or big businesses can obtain business fund in Nigeria. Every business needs capital for their business because we know the importance of appropriate access to funding for businesses. There are so many places to obtain business fund in Nigeria. It’s one thing to know their location and another thing to the processes that are involved in obtaining the fund.

Places to Obtain Business Fund in Nigeria

Places where you can obtain business fund in Nigeria

Below is the list of places you can obtain business fund in Nigeria:

  1. Business Fund in Nigeria: RenMoneyThey offer their customers cash loans from any amount up to N2.5 million with a duration that ranges from three to nine months for new customers, frequent customers have some benefit because they are being given twelve months to redeem their payment. This is available for both salary earners and self-employed. You must present your monthly income or salary so that they can be confident enough to loan you money.

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  1. Business Fund in Nigeria: Adlevo CapitalThis funding company is a private company that is situated in Mauritius. They are well known in Nigeria for their SOLO phones investments. The company offers equity and equity-linked investments in rapidly growing private businesses in numerous stages of development.

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  1. Business Fund in Nigeria: Lagos Angel Network This is another place one can obtain fund in Nigeria. They organize seed funders to invest in their start-up businesses. Such as pitch events for entrepreneurs to share their business ideas to entrepreneurs that might be interested to fund it. At these events, pre-screened business ideas are presented to the network by entrepreneurs.
  2. Business Fund in Nigeria: GroFin – Their Headquarter is found in Mauritius. They provide business loans to Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) countries such as Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa etc. They invest between 100,000 to 1.5 Million dollars in the business. The duration of finance is normally 3-8 years. The business should be able to have a quantifiable impact in respect of the number of jobs supported.

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  1. Business Fund in Nigeria: UT Financial services – UT Financial provides business loans tailored to different business needs. These are either working capital loans, stop-gap loans or special purpose loans.