Want to Generate More Sales Here is How E-Commerce Websites Can Help You

Want to Generate More Sales Here is How E-Commerce Websites Can Help You

What is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce also is known as Electronic Business or Electronic Commerce is the purchase of either services or goods over an online medium like the internet. E-Commerce involves the electronic transfer of funds as well as data between both the parties.

E-Commerce was started first in 1960. In 1990 online shopping was emerged that is viral nowadays.


E-Commerce provides a vast range of benefits to users. It is so convenient and easy that anyone sitting anywhere can purchase products or services just through their living room.

Electronic Commerce has boost itself with the emergence of smartphones that utilizes the wireless connection and allows you to shop anywhere, anytime and at anyplace of the day. E-Commerce allows you to purchase any product or service online without the need to visit the marketplace in person.

What are E-Commerce Websites?

E-Commerce Websites are online portals that allow you to sell your products or services besides it also allows you to receive funds online. Gone are the days when E-Commerce was performed through phone calls and emails. Now with the advent of the website, everything is online and performed online.

Mobile Commerce is also in the market these days and involves the transferring of goods or services using mobile devices. Mobiles have replaced desktop and mobiles to browse the internet. Therefore, in the past few years, a wide range of things have been purchased through mobile and it is significant nowadays.

Types of E-Commerce

Different types of E-Commerce exist however the most prominent amongst of them are.

  • C2C (Consumer To Consumer): C2C E-Commerce is the exchange of goods and services online between customers with the involvement of the third party
  • C2B (Consumer to Business) In C2B E-Commerce consumers sells the goods or services to business
  • B2B (Business to Business) In B2B E-Commerce usually business exchange goods or services
  • B2C (Business to Consumer) In B2C E-Commerce business sell products or goods to customers
  • B2A (Business to Administration) In B2A E-Commerce business and public administrators sell goods or services
  • C2A (Consumer to Administration) In C2A E-Commerce individuals sells goods or services to public administrators

E-Commerce has many advantages however the most prominent of them are:

  • Worldwide Market Reach
  • Wide range of choice for customers
  • Lower Cost and Pricing
  • Time-Saving

On the other hand, E-Commerce also has disadvantages some of them are.

  • Fraud
  • Risk of Security
  • No testing of services and goods
  • More dependence

E-Commerce website of your store can allow you to generate more sales. It allows you to focus worldwide rather than a city, state or district. For an effective E-Commerce Business, you should have a flawless site, easy to navigate as well as user and mobile-friendly. The Neat and clean interface of your site allows the users to search for what they are looking for.

Besides your website speed should be fast i.e. you should make it load in the first 3 seconds. 48% of customers will leave your site if it is failed to load in 3 seconds. Also, your website should be SSL secure. SSL Security of your website enhances the trust ness of users on your site.

You have to build your E-Commerce site on the popular CMS like WordPress and Woo Commerce. WordPress and Woo Commerce ensures all that is essential for an E-Commerce site.

You also have to hire a product photography expert for your site. Make sure that your products are in white background, add shadows and reflections to it as well as crop your images where necessary. Also include the videos related to your products as most users like to watch videos rather than reading the full-length article of 3000-5000 words.

Always don’t charge for customers for shipping. As most of the successful businesses out in the market are in success as they offer free shipping. Conduct the special offers regularly i.e. new year sales, Christmas deals, Easter deals, summer offers and like this.

Facebook is one of the most prominent Social Media platforms as 1 billion peoples are using it. Most of them log in to their Facebook account 5 times a day. Therefore, if possible also market your business on Facebook and it is not bad to launch a Facebook Store of your business.

As it helps peoples in purchasing the products or services directly from Facebook rather than visiting your store. Also, the majority trust on Facebook as their service is fraud-free and offers security as compared to other platforms.

Add the Mail Chimp option to your website. As it provides the way to the users to subscribe to your website. Subscribing to your newsletter will automatically send news alerts to them each time you upload something new also besides it makes aware your customers about the special deals that you are offering.

You can also make use of chatbots to drive more sales to your E-Commerce store. Chatbots target certain pages on your website when the customers have landed on your website either through organic results or newsletter.

ChatBots allows you to have direct conversations with the visitors of your site. It allows you to answer relevant questions to the peoples looking for answers so that you can address their problems accordingly.

According to one survey, 55% of customers trust the products that have online recommendations and reviews as compared to the 21% of people who trust the brand itself. You should take recommendations and reviews from the users and post them onto your E-commerce websites with a detailed profile of the customers as well as their pictures.

Also, you should consider targeting the local customers both online and offline. Free SEO tools allow you to do so. It is an online technique however you should also attract your customers offline.

Increase the CTR of your website it will have a direct impact on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) which is the rate in which you convert the people who arrive on your website.


We have discussed E-Commerce in detail also suggest you the best possible ways to generate more sales if you have an E-Commerce site. It is recommended to try all of the above-mentioned methods as the techniques we mentioned-above have tested on our own and write the review as per our experience.





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