E-Gold Electronic Payment System and E-Payment Transaction Solution

E-Gold Electronic Payment System – E-Payment Transaction Solution

I will be discusing with you on  E-Gold Electronic Payment System as well as e gold account sign up and e-gold login
or have you gotten issues on e gold account opening. If you have issues on e-gold shutdown we will be discursing here so read on.


The e-gold electronic payment system is very popular because it’s simple, more popular in countries like Nigeria where credit and debit cards are very hard to come by.

The e-gold payment system can be said to be an electronic payment system that allows for the use of precious metals like Silver, Gold, Palladium and Platinum for a secure online electronic payment for goods and services.

e-gold as a matter of fact is one of the many internet-based e-payment systems in climes where credit cards as well as debit cards have low penetration. Anybody can make use of e-gold and the country of residence does not discriminate against usage of e-gold.

e-gold electronic payment system

No Terrritorial Limitations

You don’t face discrimination of any kind on the internet based on your territory or location once you use e-gold. The reason for this is as a result of the strong security that the e-gold electronic payment system offers. Once merchants get a confirmation of a valid spend from e-gold electronic payment system, they render service or supply products paid for. This helps to boost the trust of merchants. cancellation cannot be made once a payment has been made.

Popular Solution For Online Business

If you are a Nigerian who frequents usage of web-based or online investments, you will readily attest to the fact that e-gold is very useful and quite popular. This especially comes to play in High Yielding Investment Programs (HYIPS) and Forex trading.

There are a lot of other transactions e-gold payment solution can be used for. Products can be bought on the internet using the electronic payment solution. You can also pay for services like application development, web design, consulting services etc.

A major factor for the popularity of e-gold is the ease at which you can buy it. No need for a very lengthy form, no passport photographs needed, neither is there need for an internal passport or a drivers’ license. A deposit is not required too. Registration is free.

Ease in Account Creation and Activation

It only requires filling your details in a form that will be provided which would take a few minutes, then an email verification will be carried out which also takes little between two minutes. Your e-gold account is up and running! You are ready to fund your e-gold account as soon as you complete this simple process, at this point payments can also be received.

It is quite easy to become an e-gold electronic payment system merchant. As soon as you open an account, you can immediately start receiving e-gold as a means of payment for goods and services offered to customers. There is a spend page provided for every e-gold account holder that can be used to make secure online payments to hi/her e-gold account. Also, to enable you to easily integrate your web link to a website or email, a web link is provided. This is why as soon as you open an e-gold account, you can start receiving payments.

How to Fund Your e-gold Account

How to fund your e-gold account is a major question that comes to mind. G&SR Ltd, the company that manages e-gold cannot sell e-gold directly to you. Reason being that G&SR Ltd does not stock any country’s currency. They only store e-metals. Therefore, you have to get the services of an e-gold independent exchange company to fund your e-gold account.

A shopping cart will be needed by merchants with a wide range of products and services. This means they will have to build a simple Shopping Cart Interface (SCI) that will assist them to integrate e-gold payment system with their shopping cart.

E-gold Exchange (Funding) Companies

Companies are there that exchange e-gold for national currencies. They also support a wide range of payment methods like cash, bank wires, money orders, PayPal, Western Union, credit/debit card and so on which makes it easy to change from currency to e-gold and vice versa. E-gold buy or/and sell are the services offered by these companies.

Buy e-gold from www.epaymentservice.net

You can buy e-gold with Naira cash from the website www.epaymentservice.net if you are resident in Nigeria. The company can also buy your e-gold for Naira cash.

Use Independent Exchange Services

You buy e-gold from independent exchange services, then you use it to pay for goods and services from merchants that accept e-gold electronic payment system as a means of payment so it should not be a currency but as a commodity. Also, the merchants if they need any currency sells the commodity stored in their accounts to an exchange service.

It is only for your convenience if your account is denominated in a currency like the dollar. Based on the prevailing market prices of metal, the currency values displayed in your e-gold account is the value of the metal in your account. An instance is without any payment made into your e-gold account, a rise in the value of gold can lead to an increase to the worth of your account.