The Essence Of Network Marketing In Nigeria


Network marketing or simply put, Multi level Marketing (MLM) is a savior and will continue to save Nigerians. Most souls in Nigeria, whether young or old, understand the state of the Nigerian economy, even if it is at the periphery. That there is massive unemployment in the system is stale news. Even the employed are grossly underemployed. The cost of living has skyrocketed and the standard of living is getting lower by the day. This of course is due to the inverse relationship between cost of living and standard of living. Let’s leave that for the economists to ponder on. The point we are trying to raise here is that the government may not be able to provide most of our needs. They have never really done that. Resultantly, alternatives to white collar jobs come into play. It is in this place that we situate network marketing. It is something everybody can and should do to create wealth. Let’s conceptualize network marketing.

The Meaning Of Network Marketing

Obviously, some of you are network marketers and understand the basis of network marketing as well as the working procedure of the business. Simply put, network marketing is a business model that thrives on the network of distributors called downliners. According to business dictionary, network marketing is a direct selling method in which independent agents serve as distributors of goods and services and are encouraged to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting and training other independent agents. Note that there are two key aspects here, you either distribute goods like GNLD and the likes do, or you distribute services like H2i and its likes do.

We have to look at the benefits or importance of becoming a network marketer in Nigeria.

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Importance of Network marketing in Nigeria

  1. Job Security: The current trend in the society suggests that Job security is an illusion. The industrial revolution of the Nineteenth century effectively ushered in the era of machine dependence and by extension, erosion of Job security. To this effect, having a business that you can manage and control became more appealing. Network marketing is a perfect example of that business. Having it ensures your job security like no other white collar job can do.
  2. Financial Stability: I was reading an article on whatsapp by a member of Helping hands International and he mentioned various types of salary. I think he mentioned onion salary, storm salary, magic salary, residual salary amongst others. You can hardly achieve financial stability with a salary scale that comes monthly, or the one that makes you cry or the one that if you touch, it will disappear. You can only achieve stability by steady flow of income. This is what you get from being part of network marketing. You should try one out.
  3. Work for yourself and Build your future not another man’s future: Working for another person is not bad at all. In fact, it is honourable. There is dignity in labour. However, for working for someone, you only get a meager salary. You get sacked if anything goes wrong. Your future is not certain while working for someone. Juxtapose that with what you will get if you are working for yourself and you are building your future. It is definitely going to give you more joy and job satisfaction. Network marketing offers you the platform to do that.
  4. Time freedom: Time is an essential commodity in our lives. In fact it is about the most important thing because it defines us. Time is money so the saying goes. For us to succeed, we must use time effectively. Most jobs don’t give you time for other things in life; family, relaxation and holidays. These are areas network marketing thrives. In addition to giving you enough money and providing you with a great future, it gives you enough time for other things. It is the real deal.

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The importance of network marketing cannot be overemphasized. The few I have listed are not comprehensive but it shows that it is worth venturing in. Get up today and join one. Become a multi level marketer today. Join EBN, GNLD, Helping Hands International or any other one of your choice. One thing I’m sure of is that you won’t regret it.