7 Important Tips On Having A Great And Happy Career In Nigeria.

7 Important Tips On Having A Great And Happy Career In Nigeria.

Great and happy career in Nigeria is not a function of the money you make from the career. There is so much more to your career than just making millions.

Any time and at any place, I will tell you without mincing words that money is primary to staying in a career but there is much more to it than money.

The number of suicides in Nigeria by established professionals is a pointer to the fact that it takes much more than money to keep people happy in a career. Most of them had comfortable lives so money could not have been the problem.

Studies also suggest that many people are unhappy with their jobs despite the fact that they are making millions from it. It is sad.

So how do we balance our happiness and the money we make from our career? How can we have a great and happy career in Nigeria without sacrificing our bank alert? That is what we want to discuss. They can both happen.

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How to have a Great and happy career in Nigeria

  1. Don’t just “follow your passion.”

Passion is great and will always be required to have a fulfilling career. It is a great asset and necessary requirement to having a great happy career in Nigeria.

The real deal here is that despite the fact that passion is important, it is not enough in getting that great and happy career in Nigeria that you have always dreamed of if it is taken in isolation. Your passion here in Nigeria doesn’t necessarily make you a candidate for success in that field.

You have to have the requisite skills or at least be willing to acquire it and you have to have a market to cash in or a place to put your skills and passion into good use. It could be a great job or a great business in Nigeria. That is how you become successful.

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  1. You have to do what you’re good at

Everybody has something he is good at. It could be in-born or acquired. It does not really matter. The thing is that you are good at it and you will be ready to put your energy into it without getting overtly stressed.

This allows you to have a sense of achievement and makes you feel happy and fulfilled. You are also in position to negotiate your salary and benefits.

  1. You should let your work engage you too

The work you do should have a way of engaging you while you engage in it. It should be a two-way thing or you would be extremely bored.

The satisfaction you get from a particular career or work is determined by how engaging that particular work is.

A study on Job characteristics model shows that job satisfaction is a product of how engaging the job is. It went further to break engaging into five variables namely: variety, sense of completion, autonomy, feedback and a sense of contribution that your work affects people’s lives.

  1. More money is better – to a certain degree

Money is essential to getting the best out of the career you have chosen. It is not complete in itself though.

It is widely said that money cannot buy happiness but it is also true that more money takes away some of your worries and probably replaces them with new ones.

When your income is stabilized, you will find out that the true source of happiness lie very far from money. So, while kicking asses in your career, don’t focus all your energy on the money. It could be frustrating in the end.


  1. You should help others

Having a great and happy career in Nigeria requires that you help other have great jobs and career paths here.

We are a people who put a lot of emphasis on helping others grow. Helping others leads to life satisfaction. Find a way to help. If you always volunteer, you will be less depressed and healthier. Acts of kindness bring joy and fulfillment to the giver.

  1. Work-life balance is important

It is pertinent to understand the importance balancing your life and your career if you are going to have a great and happy career in Nigeria.

You have to find a way to spend more time with your family and friends and less time in the office. Here, the general belief is that we must work by leaving the house in the morning and coming back late at night. You have to balance the way you work and the way you spend time with your family and friends.

  1. Eliminate the negatives.

Negative energy is bad and has a way of keeping you depressed. You can chose to be depressed by indulging and dwelling in negativities or you can to choose to have a great and happy career in Nigeria by eliminating these negatives.

You already know some of these tips. But the question is; are you implementing them. Knowing how to have sex does not get a woman pregnant, the act of having sex is what does. The same principle is applicable to having a happy career. Knowing the tips for having a great and happy career in Nigeria does not guarantee happiness in your career path. What does is practicing them.