How TECNO Mobile Scaled Through The Large Nigerian Market

How TECNO mobile Scaled through the Large Nigerian Market to become a relevant mobile product in Nigeria.

When talking about growing a business, you talk about increasing sales of product and services; thereby making and generating more revenue into the account of a company. You remember back then in mid-2000 when tecno mobile device was known to be fake and less important and hence tagged “CHINA PHONE” here are some of the characteristics I can recall:

1: they were noise-making devices that make calls

2: they are heavy with no relevant content

3: the have multiple and unnecessary applications

4: it’s meant for poor people who want to appear flashy

5: They don’t last.

6: Made of sub-standard features like camera, Battery, applications, Theme design, etc.

7: It was cheap with cheap output for cheap people.

How TECNO mobile scaled through The Nigerian market to become a High in demand mobile device

Looking at the way Tecno mobile grew from being called a fake product to being a referral product any professional will ask anyone to buy, and then we should be able to copy and follow some of the strategic steps the company has taken to increase the reputation of their product. Ever seen or heard about any of the new Android products of techno? As you visualize how your business will look, take a few minutes to consider how these apply to you and do take note of the following points below, apply it to your business and watch how rapid the reputation will grow as well.

  1. Set your personal & business objectives

Looking at Tecno mobile, you will practically see their business objective is to make and become one of the best android producers at the best market price. Make your goals quantifiable. What is your residential sales target? How many hours per week do you want to dedicate to lead generation? What is your time frame for success? The prices are coming down and the sales volumes will increase.

This is driving mobile internet access, which then opens up a lot of doors for innovation in that space. Studies indicate that most people now access the internet through their mobile phones as opposed to PCs. Tecno is launching more internet series mobile phones to serve the growing demand.

The company understood from research from years back which shows that the buyers of Tecno phones are mostly the youth and we have decided to [focus] on this market of people aged 17 to 35. The young people want to be unique. They want unique features that allow them to play and chat. Hope you got a good point from here. Try it with your business.

  1. Become an expert in your market or niche

A day in the mobile industry is like a week or month in other industries and that is the more reason why Tecno mobile is fast evolving with new products and specifications. In business, you must understand the mood and model the keeps that business industry alive, don’t be dumb with the new technologies coming into your business niche.

Tecno understood that the device industry is going toward the Android platform and the quickly followed it, so as such make sure you have that foresight to seeing where the trend of your business will go in the nearest future. Study all of your listings and sales over the past few years. Does a specific consumer demographic stand out? Or a specific neighborhood or set of amenities? Your marketing should reflect your expertise. This post on how we made it in Africa will tell you more.

Develop systems for prospecting in your market or niche

Once you’ve discovered your niche, ask yourself how you can best generate leads in your area of expertise. Develop a value proposition and work to identify the best way to express it.

  1. Build systems for servicing leads and customers

Investing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is very beneficial. It will keep track of prospect inquiries, assist with answers to common questions, keep you on track with scheduled touch points, and make sure no lead goes unanswered.

Did you know that, on average, it takes more than three hours for an agent to respond to a lead? Imagine how many new clients you could land if you had a system that helped you communicate with prospects quickly, effectively, and without having to keep track of data in various locations.

  1. Build your brand

The company (Tecno) started in 2006 in Hong Kong with its first research and development Centre in Shanghai, China. For two years, the business focused on the South Asia market. After studying the markets in South East Asia, Africa, and Latin America,

The Company found out that Africa would be the most lucrative market. They began operations in 2008 before eventually stopping business in Asia to exclusively focus on Africa. Today, Tecno does business in Africa only. The company wants to be the mobile king of Africa. The continent receives a lot of imports but the products are not always modeled to fit demand in Africa, telling you that the company has built a strong brand in Africa.

Building your brand is all about communicating your unique value proposition via appropriate channels. What is the best service or attribute you can offer your clients? And what’s the best way to communicate this messaging to prospective clients? Always make it about your audience—what can you do for them? Seriously I recommend foreign investors into investing in Africa and if you really wanna know the market research or business plan for investing in any Niche in Nigeria, Contact us using our contact page or call +2347037281050.

Now you see my points on How TECNO mobile scaled through Nigeria as well as the African market, Maybe you can as well contribute to these points by dropping your comments below.






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