How to Start Bead Making Business: Interview with Christabel of Bella Beads And Video Guide

Over the years, Fashion and beauty industry have gained more and stronger ground and as we all know, beaded jewelry is among the most popular fashion jewelry in the world. Bead making business is on a hot rise as the demand for beaded necklace; bags, bangles, etc are on the increase. People are making it big in bead making business.

Here is an interview with Okonkwo Christabel, the CEO of Bella Beads on what you need to know and how you can start bead making business with as little as 20-50000 Naira ($100-250). One thing good about bead business is that you can practice it both on a small, medium and large-scale level. Meaning start-up capital is not really a big issue with the business. Before we go down to the interview, Do watch this video.

here are the major

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Things you must fix Before Starting the Business

  1. Creativity: Normally we all know creativity rules in almost every business and as such; the same thing is applied to bead making. You must be up and doing as regards being creative with your works or else, your competitors will beat you out of the game
  2. Flexibility: When we talk being flexible in business, we mean one must be able to adapt to changes. What I mean here is that that a design is a hot selling design today does not mean it will be tomorrow. Try to be updated with the latest design trends and mix it up with your creativity. You will skyrocket to the peak within a short period of time.
  3. Hard work: No food for the lazy man they say. If you are not hard working, you will never do well in this business. Meanwhile “while working hard, work smartly or else you keep working hard all your life time”

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  1. Incorporating with a second or third party venture: Incorporating with a second or third party venture is cool as it will help you get free advertisers.
    Practical example of what you have to do.
    Make a list of at least five fashion companies or any related company that you will refer people to your creative beaded products and at the same time you refer people to their fashion product. What this will do for you is that you stand a chance to get you more exposure, sales and referral credibility.

Bella BeadChristabel bella beads

bella beadsAll Beaded images used are all credited to Bella Beads

Our last Interview was with Onwe Daniel, The CEO of DNO & CO NIG LTD on how to start iron steel business in Nigeria.

Can I meet you?
My name is Okonkwo Christabel. I’m from a small town in Anambra state. I graduated from Ebonyi State University where I studied Geology and Geophysics. I’m also running jewellery accessories making business, so I am a young CEO *laughs*

Waoo! Young CEO. Personally, I’ve heard a lot about you, your students and your Bead making business.
So can you tell me more if not everything about bead making?
#smiles, well, I’ll say Bead making is one lucrative but very tedious business. I said tedious because it takes most of your time if not all. It takes a whole lot of patience, meaning if you are not the patient type you wouldn’t succeed. Imagine sitting and picking tiny beads with needles all day *lol*. It requires a lot of creativity, hard work, the strive to be unique and the ability to meet up with your customers demand to survive in the competitive bead world.

Waoo, this really serious, Now having seeing this Negative part of this business
How do you keep up with the bead business?
Well, I would say my love for arts keep me going. I love art of all sorts. So the end product of the tedious craft is what am always looking forward to seeing. That makes me sit back, create and bead something unique and beautiful. Something that would be extraordinary outstanding and irresistible in the eyes of fashionistas. I think that’s all BELLA BEADS do to keep being on top of the game.

This Business can make millions if done well and I know you have done a lot in this industry
So if am interested in starting this business, How do I go about it?
It doesn’t take a lot of capital to start, but would take a lot of energy and also marketing strategy. I’ve trained close to 50 people including young boys and married men. And still planning to hold a big training in some cities in Nigeria in 2016. So it’s simply, gather your materials and we’ll get beading *lol*

This means if I want to start bead making and marketing business, I need to learn how to make them and at the same time keep my Start-up capital ready right?
No! You don’t need all that but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have prior plans on how to do them. When I started, I just started with little money for the crafting materials aside from the #10,000 I paid my tutor. I started publicizing my works the very day I graduated from the beading class. So I’ve started something and I even sold my very first sample I made aftert five days before going public.

This is incredible. I believe anyone out there reading this will get inspired. So anyone can start this business with as little as 10,000.
So on this, How much will it cost anyone to learn this Business from you since it doesn’t necessarily mean they will meet you face to face?
I haven’t increased nor decreased the price. It has always been #10,000 and still same amount. Except sometime in the past when we did 2weeks promo. We train people online and one-on-one if you happen to be staying within the southeastern Nigeria or close to me.

Good. So do you have any Guide or E-book for sale or Give away as a support to your students?
Yea! We have a handbook that each student picks after the training serves more like a reference, in case they forget any pattern they can easily refer to it.

Alright. Before we hang off, What is the assurance and how long will it take one who is obeying the rules of the business to make a profitable cash out of it?
Errm!! Everything boils down to God’s grace and hard work. It took me 2weeks to learn because I am a fast catcher and it didn’t take me up to a month, I made more than what I used to learn the work and I held my first training section which was a huge success. So let’s say, with God’s grace and hard work in a month, your bank account would be smiling at you.

OK Christabel
It fun having this section with you
So is there any Phone number, Website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram Contact that anyone who would love to get into this a gold mine opportunity will use in getting to you?
Sure! Of course. You can reach us with these contacts:
phone number: 07060842994.
BBM: 2BD5B5D6 .
Facebook page: Bella Beads.
Instagram: @Christabelifeoma.
Twitter @gawjus_bella

personal facebook account: Okonkwo Christabel.

It’s been a fun section, glad to have you in gtpedia.
I must say it’s an honor to have you as our December Guest
Thanks for giving us this great time of yours and the general public reading this
Thanks a lot

Your most welcome.

Below are some Amazing Videos That Will Help You Get Started

How To Start Bead Making Business –  Video 1

How To Start Bead Making Business –  Video 2

How To Start Bead Making Business –  Video 3


How To Start Bead Making Business –  Video 4

How To Start Bead Making Business –  Video 5

So what are you waiting for? Aren’t you inspired into bead making business? If you are, kindly holla our guest for consultations, teaching and find out more tips on how you can go about this business.
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