A Review of 8 Major Business Cities in Nigeria

A Review of Major Business Cities in Nigeria

As an effective business visionary, one doesn’t have to hop into business without deliberately considering some conditions cardinal to the success of the business. The location of a business no doubt is cardinal to the success of business. As someone interested in siting a business in Nigeria, a review of major business cities In Nigeria would help you know what sells better where, how and why.

Some of the parameters to consider included the populace thickness and level of development. The peoples buying pattern, culture and traditions would help you know how best to present and package your business. So, on this note therefore, this paper examines Major Business Cities in Nigeria and how to utilize them for effective business success.

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A Review of Major Business Cities in Nigeria

(1) Lagos State

this city has the most elevated business mechanisms with more than 20 million occupants. It also has duly regulated systems of administration and for the most part specialists/works are paid well.

Lagos state has a high population density and because of this it turns out to be more prominent by the day which in turns pulls in financial specialists to come in for business.

There is scarcely any business you do in Lagos provided it can enhance life and take care of the need of the majority that you would not profit from it. It’s a decent place to benefit from, business wise and otherwise.

(2) Abuja

Yes Abuja a.k.a. “ABJ” is next in line the second on the rundown as at the time of this review. Doubtlessly, Abuja is the present capital city of Nigeria and with this, it possesses the most elevated buying power per unit of the population. This therefore implies no other city can boast about this. Most “big” men in Nigeria are currently situated in this part of the country because of its clamor-free characteristics contrasted with other overpopulated cities like Lagos. Businesses like eatery business runs exceptionally well together with fast food joints.

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(3) Kano

I was not stunned from the report gotten from “African Development Bank” that kano is the focal point of trade in northern Nigeria. That in fact is true. Kano is undoubtedly Nigeria’s second biggest business city, quickest developing city in Africa.

Here this is enormous business attractions as individuals troop in from various piece of the world to do one form of business or the other. one other remarkable attribute of this city is that it fundamentally has incredible assembling power. That is, it serves as a hub where most goods and services from other parts of Nigeria are concentrated and from there distributed to other parts of the country.

Kano state has much market for textures and domesticated animals products. Individuals troop in from far and near to buy those things to were its rare in supply and trade same at a higher cost.

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(4) Port-Harcourt City

When it comes to oil and gas, Portharcourt is viewed as the main center for it. It serves, apart from Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom and Delta, as the cradle of oil exploration in the country. There is likewise the presence of refineries, seaports and airplane terminals. So, it offers great profits to per unit of production and sales.

(5) Abia State(Aba)

With it’s about 2million occupant, Aba in Abia state, night not biggest business city in Nigeria, but perhaps, one of the biggest in the South-eastern part of the country. It strikes a chord in business from textures, garments, materials and so on and so forth. Most goods are conveyed from sea ports straight to aba market where there are regular large scale buyers.

(6) Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom, being a mainly agrarian state is notable for majorly agricultural products such as pig raising, goat raising etc. it is also notable for raffia palm product, palm oil business etc.

(7) Delta State

This is a city usually and prominently known Restaurant Business, Oil and Gas Business and Transportation Business. Others include Viewing focuses and silver screens, Rental Business Services etc.

8)Rivers State:

This is a city with presence of oceans and seas and abundant sea creatures like angles, shrimps, catfish, periwinkle and so on. Putting resources into such business pays exceptionally well as individuals go from far and near to purchase and resale these goods in places they are less in supply.

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Factors to Consider While Choosing Business Cities

  • Nearness to the market.
  • The People’s buying pattern
  • Ease of Interoperability with other businesses.
  • Good road networks, other amenities

Impediments Of Choosing A City For Business

Despite the fact that the detriments are few, I unequivocally trust that genuine care ought to be paid to keep away from pointless misfortune in business. Some of these include:


There is the possibility of robbery attacks particularly in the event that you have large amount of stocks, and make huge sales. The need for utmost care can therefore, not be over emphasized.


When stocks are out of totally unavailable, the business has a tendency to lose.

This was a review of my best 8 business cities. The review was not done in any order. The aim was simply to site what is found and is possible in each of these business cities and why you should choose a business city and not another.

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