I am most certain that you are here with the hope of knowing how to setup SMS short-code business and profit from it. Yes, you are at the perfect place at the opportune time. Simply take as much time as necessary and peruse to the end since I will give you complete details on the most proficient method to setup SMS short-code business marketing. Furthermore, how profiting in this business?

SMS short-code business basically involves constructing a 5 to 6 digit numbers for business purposes like 33440, 12235, 11667, however, I am certain you have been accepting such messages on your MTN, ETISALAT AIRTEL or GLO line.

In all actuality, such messages can be called SMS marketing through codes and I am certain you may have an interest in such a business. Setting up SMS Short-code can truly change your life and take care of your budgetary issues; however such administrations must be setup by a couple of SMS short-code suppliers which I will list below for the various mobile telecommunication operators in Nigeria.

gsm short code business

Short-code SMS business-How to set it up and make money from it

Short-Code SMS business basically involves setting up a framework that enables you to utilize a “short code” to market products and services. People who subscribe to your “short-code” are charged automatically by the GSM network provider and you get your own percentage from it.

There are essentially two types or categories of gsm short codes:

  1. The Committed Short Code and
  2. The Shared Short Code.

Committed short-code versus shared short-code

A committed short code is rented and only utilized by just a single brand. The greater part of the setup expenses and charges related to a devoted short code much, that is why it finds more patronage among brands and companies. However, it has numerous features which a shared short code does not give.

Shared Code is utilized by numerous individuals or brands, which share the setup expenses and charges, making it quite affordable and moderate to even small brands. Watchwords make it feasible for brands to share one short-code. The watchwords match every client to his own particular record without impedance of other individuals sharing that code.

The watchword is the thing that your prospects will sort first before some other data you need them to send to the code. E.g. Send “vote” space ‘contender name’ to 33811″.  The watchword, in this case, is “vote” while the shortcode is 33811′

How much can I make from short-code business in Nigeria?

In this business, you earn a percentage of the money subscribers pay. The GSM Company could deduct say N30, N50, N100 while the balance goes to you.

The following is how much each GSM system will deduct:

Levy (NGN)   Visafone        MTN               Airtel              Glo                  Etisalat

30.00 NGN   10.930          8.851             14.781          9.851             13.210

50.00 NGN   21.088          18.702          22.018          13.623          21.043

100.00 NGN 30.233          35.334          48.501          24.939          40.340

NB: The charges above might have changed when you will read this.

The amount you make from a short code depends on the agreed sharing rate between you and the GSM network provider. On a non-partisan ground, the GSM company gets half while you get half as well.

Once a GSM subscriber reacts to your GSM short code, let’s say with an MTN number, MTN will deduct their own share instantly as indicated in the table above. The rest is what you and the issuing company will share based on your agreements.

The more the subscriptions to your short code, the higher the profits you will make from the business.

The most effective method to make money from SMS short code services in Nigeria.

First, you need to have your own GSM short code.

Furthermore, you have to inspire individuals to react to your short code. The more individuals react to the code, the more the cash you rake. So, what is important in this business, therefore, is the subscription volume.

Run highly converting short-code adverts like well-being tips, instructional tips, relationship tips etc. these have a higher converting value since they are specialities nearly everybody has an interest in.

Yet, then, you need to get this message of yours out to general society before individuals can begin reacting to it. This should be possible by advancing your short code advertisements with pamphlets, notices, handbills, by means of radio or television adverts. You can likewise purchase gsm database and utilize mass SMS broadcasts to advance your short code advertisements to users’ telephone numbers.

Where to get a short code in Nigeria.

If you are prepared to get your short code now, go to

Marketing and promoting your short code service:

This is really where you win or lose in SMS short code business. It’s what number of writings you got that decides the amount you can get. The more individuals that think about your short code benefits, the more cash you can make. For instance, in a situation that you are putting up a free grant to college students, you are likely to get more subscriptions, and this would transmit to more money for you.

You have to elevate the enthusiasm of your intended interest group. The greater the users that think about your service and subscribes to your short code, the better for you. I would suggest you employ a specialist to help you with the short code business activation. As a matter of fact, before you purchase a short code, please contact an advisor who is experienced enough in this field. He/she will help you make necessary useful adjustments at the potential and the amount you have to contribute to making it work.

GSM short-code business packaging:

There are a number of ways you can go about this business. Let’s say you are not acquainted with this business, you can simply employ somebody to handle it for you. The person will also factor out how it will function best. It costs so little to contract somebody to do that for you. For just N10,000 you can procure a specialist to help you bundle a decent cash making short code thought. However, if you are competent enough, you can handle the business setup by yourself.

Be that as it may, first you should know the amount you need to put resources into your short code business, particularly in marketing your SMS short-code business. There are a few approaches to advertise your short code business. In any case, in the event that you employ a decent master in this field, he can offer assistance.

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