How to Start Computer Game Center Business in Nigeria

Football without a doubt is the most popular sport in the world today. Apart from the billions of dollars spent on the game globally and annually, there are millions of passionate fans who follow ‘the beautiful round leader game’ not only watching but ‘playing the coach’ and analyzing the players, teams, formations and tactics as they watch. A visit to any busy vendors stand will convince you as you will find Nigerian passionately arguing about either politics or football.

Play station video games come in various versions and types. These involve software loaded into consoles and dates back to the days of play station 1, play station 2, play station 3 and the newly introduced Xbox and Xbox360. There are war games, sports games like football, boxing, wrestling, motorcycle and car racing, etc.

Most parents buy these games for their kids to help them enjoy some form of indoor games and relaxation. But it seems that because of the additive nature of these video games, especially the football games, the habit is very popular among teenagers and even some adults.

Turning Passion Into Lucrative Businesses

Because football is driven by passionate love for certain club sides and or players, you will find both viewing centres and games centres of almost every street on most major cities in Nigeria. As long as the game of football is played, and because people are still very passionate about it, the business of viewing centres and game centres will continue to remain money spinners for those who can take advantage.

Investment Opportunities

Starting a game centre is the best investments you can go into and begin to make regular income even while you are still working or running other businesses. This is because you don’t have to run it yourself nor do you have to worry about the salary of the game centre attendant or manager because most of them are not on salaries.

Depending on the traffic you will receive when you when you open the game centre, which is often very regular and will be ever growing, you can simply peg the amount to be delivered to you daily by the operator at N1,000 and N1,500. For Saturdays and Sundays when the business usually experiences an upsurge due to many teenagers and adults being at home and having so much spare time on their hands, you can make as much s between 2,500 and N5,000 or more on those two days.

So on week days you can reach an agreement of 1,000 daily while the weekends will be N2,500 which is a total of N1,000 for 5 days (N5,000) plus N2,500 for 2 days (N5,000). This comes to about N10,000 per week and whatever is made above this on a daily or weekly basis goes to the attendant/operator. This arrangement means he is motivated to ensure he gets your share and drive the sales to get his own share too.

But you must also agree on the formula for footing the bill of purchase of fuel for generator, purchase of new game CDs, repairs, etc. But the best way to do it now, is by copying the game to a flash drive. This will allow the fastness of the game when played to save time, money wasting and cracking of the CDs. Note also the public holidays and the long vacations by students because heavy traffic will flow almost on a daily basis due to the holidaying students. But on the whole, you are assured of between N30,000 and N40,000 extra income on a monthly basis unless something is wrong with the operator (dishonesty), game consoles, the video game CDs or your generator. Mind you, this calculation is for just one centre. You can easily multiply it by floating several game centres across the city and state.

How To Start Your Own Game Centre

To start your own game centre and begin to earn money, you need to do the following:

Rent A Shop: You must find a space in front of your house (if you are the landlord or if you can pay the landlord additional rent for it) or go out and rent one of those lock-up shops on your street. By conservative estimates, you can get one of those shops for between N100,000 (N3,000 x 12 months x 2 years) and N150,000 (N5,000 x 12 months x 2 years which include the agent fee and agreement. However, you can get cheaper rentage, depending on the area where you intend to site the centre.

Find a Space:

If you already have a shop, you are at an advantage if you choose to start this business. For those with Barber’s shop, a saloon or any space in front of their houses or apartment, you can use the space for this business. With 2 or 3 TV sets and game consoles, you are going to run 2 businesses from the same spot. If you already have a shop as a barber, your customers would be willing to both have an haircut and the play video games with you.

Get Power Generator:

Because of instability in the power sector of Nigeria, as a business person, it is always advisable to prepare well by getting a power generator. It normally costs between N15k and N20k.
Other Requirements: If there’s enough space, get about 10 fairly used portable flat-screen TVs and games, chairs. All together should not cost more than N100k

Get A Game Console

Get The Ps brand you can afford and start making your money