How to Start Garri Production Business in Nigeria

As a Garri retailer, I can give you strong assurance that you are already on track to counting you first millions of money doing this lucrative business. Only few products are demanded as high as Garri here in Nigeria and Africa at large. If you ask me whether the food item is consumed in India, UK, USA, European countries, Asia and in other parts of the world, I do not really know. But I am very sure that Nigerians, West Africans and most Africans at large consume Garri daily.

Doing the Garri retailing business in these listed locations where the food item is widely consumed is a very great way of making too much money into your pocket and bank account. Almost everybody and household from every tribe in Nigeria consume Garri every blessed day. It is an indispensable food to the populace given the fact that it is easily affordable and has an abundant supply all over the country. Also, it can be easily processed and prepared for edible consumption.

Garri can either be prepared by mixing it moderately with hot water and serving it alongside soups, sauces and local dishes. Also, some people like me enjoy taking it by mixing it will cool water and other food items like groundnut, coconuts, sugar, cashew nuts, milk, beverages, salt and many other spice-ups. One thing about garri is that a small quantity of it is enough to fill up your stomach, quench your hunger and hold your appetite for a very most hours in a given day. That is why I prefer taking it. When digested by the body, it is metabolized and broken down to provide carbohydrates necessary for giving maximum energy and strength to the body for daily activities.

The income potentials associated with Garri is very high and inexhaustible. On an interesting note too, you can comfortably start the Garri retail business with a very little capital base and still make a lot of money and profits from the venture. Even if the money you have at hand is just N10,000, it is enough to buy some bags of garri from a processing plant and start retailing it to customers out there in the food market. You do not need to have millions of money to start the business. Also, do not say that this business is only meant for the uneducated, noisy and old market women. If you say so then, they will continue making the money while poverty and wretchedness will keep on eating deeply and constantly into the fabrics of your existence.

Without wasting a single second anymore, you really need to start this business instead of being unemployed, staying idle and home and roaming all over the streets as a graduate looking for white collar jobs that do not exist or pay very little money after putting in your maximum efforts. Why not work for yourself and experience the real joy and returns of sincere labour and hardwork ? Take that little savings that you have at the bank and start up something meaningful for yourself today instead of languishing in a deep pit of untold financial distress and failures.

Go to a food market nearest to you and find a good spot where you will stay and sell your garri. Buy bags of garri in from a processing plant or from a rural area at very cheap prices. Take your stock to the city and urban markets and sell them off to your customers at high profit margins. You can make over 300% returns on your investment in this business.

It is certain and for sure. The more quantities you buy, the lesser your costs and the larger your business returns and profits. That is how this garri retailing business works. Try as much as you can to sell off your Garri stock as fast as possible. Longer storage periods may reduce the quality of your Garri and reduce the market value as well as the profit margin too. Store your garri in a ventilated store to keep them fresh and good.

As you make more money from the business, expand your venture. Rent a bigger shop to get a larger storage space for your goods. Please your customers with good products and attractive prices but not at the expense of your profits. Maintain a market-friendly relationship with them and be assured of their lifetime patronage. In the future when you must have saved up enough money, you can go into the Garri business on a larger scale basis by setting up your own Garri processing plant and even a cassava farm from where you will cheaply and easily source inputs for your production without much difficulties.

Surely, you will make a lot of money doing this business such that you will never make a regret for venturing into it. I wish you great financial success as you start up your own business to earn your living. Dependency is old-fashioned. Independency is the joy of business while profitability flavours and propels it forward. Cheers!