How Women Can Protect Their Businesses And Career In Nigeria

How Women Can Protect Their Businesses And Career In Nigeria

My friend Puzo told me that women are weak but in their weakness, they are stronger than men. Believe it if you must. This is usually true in the emotional aspect. In career building and businesses, we cannot say exactly the same. There is a discrepancy between what men can achieve and what women can achieve. Therefore, the fact that women can protect their businesses and career should come as a welcome relief.

The society has not been fair to women. Maybe this will not change in its totality in our time. But we really don’t have to wait for it to change. Ladies can begin to build walls of protection around themselves.

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A Little Story

If you have seen the game of thrones, you would understand the story I’m going to share. In this epic movie, there was an incident between Tyrion Lannister who is a dwarf and Jon Snow who is a bastard. Of course, Tyrion is arguably the best actor in that series.

But it happened that Tyrion met Jon at Winterfell and called him a bastard. Jon became irritated and called him a dwarf. He continued calling him a bastard until Jon almost attacked him. He left him with an invaluable piece of advice. That advice is what will form the core of our discourses today. That advice, if taken by women, is a way they can protect their businesses and career.

He told Jon that he is a bastard and will remain a bastard. That it is his weakness but he should wear it like a cloak and embrace every bit of it. It is a weakness that he didn’t initiate and something he cannot change.

That way, he would have accepted it and used it to build a wall around him. People would no longer be able to use it against him. A very powerful advice there I suppose.

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Well, it would be wrong to see womanhood as a weakness. It is not a weakness but the society has made certain societal rules that are against what women stand for. Being an entrepreneur and building a career is difficult for the man but it is more difficult for the woman because the roles and responsibilities are given to them by the society.

Women may not be weak but the society has made them vulnerable to certain attacks. You have people always trying to undermine you. These situations have changed in the western world but it is still very much in vogue in Nigeria and Africa in general.

Career women and businesswomen will confess to the fact that they are always in constant struggles with the society. You have to handle your customers, your clients, your bosses, your peers and indeed everybody.

Away from the family responsibilities, there are other things the society in Nigeria will expect from you and if you totally obedient to the rules, you won’t go far. Well, did I just say that? I thought I was a traditional man. Well, I guess there are so many things I stood for in the past that I will go against in the future. That is the beauty of existence or so I think.

There is good news for the women. Women can protect their businesses and career. There are people who have done that. From their experiences and our research, we have brought important security tips on how women can protect their businesses and career.

Tips On How Women Can Protect Their Businesses And Career

women can protect their businesses and career

  1. You need to maintain constant vigilance

In Igbo language, it is said that “nkwucha abughi ujo” meaning that vigilance does not necessarily mean fear. You cannot become paranoid in the course of your career or business life. However, it does make sense to prepared. You are to expect attacks at any given time of the day in your entire career. So, be prepared for it.

Your guard needs to be up at all time and you won’t be weighed down by any turn of events. Just know the places that you will be attacked from and prepare for the attack. Remember Tyrion’s advice.

  1. You can’t do it alone, build alliances

Nobody survives as an island. It is true in every aspect of life. You need people around you who will help you survive the things that will pop up. Women can protect their businesses and career by establishing genuine working relationships and well-placed allies in strategic positions.

You will need your superiors as well as subordinates who can help you fight situations that will threaten your career.

  1. When attacked, you shouldn’t let it slide

It is in your interest to understand that there will always be attacks in so far as you are working in an establishment or you are building your interest and you will do well not to let them slide when they come. You need to let your enemies and detractors know that you are not to be to trifled with.

We are not advocating responding in kind but a strategic way of dealing with them once and for all. You can call them out. If you are sabotaged, make sure it is handled to stop further sabotage from the same people.

  1. Keep it professional

The truth is that sometimes women are the architect of their own problems. They become tools in the hands of their superiors and subordinates. This doesn’t end well for anybody. You need to maintain professionalism in your dealings with people. Whatever a woman does is usually scrutinized and the things that men do and get away with it, women get crucified for.

We implore you to understand the place of professionalism. Avoid unnecessary office romance and avoid counter sabotage.

  1. Keep proving yourself

As we said earlier, the society wants you to fail in those ventures and as such, you will need to keep proving yourself over and over again. Women can protect their businesses and career by doing exactly that.

Your errors will be magnified and your dealings will be made out if it goes wrong. keep proving to the society that you are up to the task. You will be glad you did.