5 Powerful Ways To Achieve Career Success

5 Powerful Ways To Achieve Career Success

Career success is what everybody wants or better put should want. This is so bearing in mind that success has so many friends while failure has few friends. To succeed is a function of so many factors. But what remains true, nobody has ever succeeded without thinking that he can.

For our satisfaction and peace of mind, we necessarily have to succeed in our career. It is best that instead of copying someone else’s blueprint for success, you create your own. The results will definitely amaze you.

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Varun Mehta once said that “There is no secret formula, no blueprint to success in business,” he says. “To try to mimic one is to lose even before you get into the game. The idea that you can recreate success is a myth”. The implication of the above statement is that originality is key to succeeding in our business or career path.


In Nigeria, so many people have enjoyed career success and so many are enjoying career success. In the entertainment industry, the likes of Ali Baba, Tu Face Idibia, Davido, Basketmouth, Nkem Owoh, late Sam Loco Efe, Sam Dede, Pete Edochie, Don Jazzy, and a host of others can all boast huge career success over the years.

In business, the likes of late Louis Ojukwu, Dangote, Alhaji Dantata, Ifeanyi Ubah, Innoson, Orji Uzor Kalu, Tony Elumelu and a host of others have all achieved career success. In virtually all aspects of the Nigerian politico-social entity, a lot of people have made it. What is their secret? They all dared to be different.

We have painstakingly worked on identifying ways that will enable you to achieve your own career success. I hope sincerely that after reading this, you too can become a success in your career.

Powerful Ways To Achieve Career Success

  1. Innovate

You have to find new ways of doing things to survive and succeed in your career. You can’t keep doing the way others are doing it and expect to be better than them. There will always be competitors in whatever field you venture in, therefore, you must be creative to stay ahead of your competitors. Otherwise, you will always be behind your competitors. According to Mehta, “Experience isn’t required for innovation. Thinking differently is. Look at everything and figure out where and how you can contribute, and then do so.” The result will be very amazing.

  1. Collaborate

You cannot do it alone. You have to have a team that can help you achieve your aim. You have to give some responsibilities to some people and trust them to deliver. This is important and you must realize that collaborating with others give you the success that is affected by the multiplier effect.

It does not really matter whether you get the whole credit or not. It is grossly irrelevant. What matters is that as a team you are doing great work, achieving your goals. Steer people in the right direction. Make others look good–your clients and colleagues, bosses, and employees. Be a true team player, and success will come back to you tenfold.

  1. Research

To succeed in business, you have research on it. You must find out the new trends on your career path. You can ask people or read books or better still, consult your best friend; GOOGLE. The implication is that most problems can be solved at a go. Luckily for us, we have opportunities others didn’t have because of the advancement in virtually all aspects of life; science, technology, arts, transportation, etc. we should tap in and enjoy. But we must research.

  1. Do it Smarter Not Harder

The truth is that for every task you want task for every task you want to perform, there is always a better, faster and smarter way of doing it. Apply logic to your work. To outwit your competitors, you must work smarter not harder. Go beyond normal dedication to think about other better alternatives. You will be amazed at the success you can achieve in a short while.

  1. Focus on Skills

The focus should not be in who you are called or the countless titles you have but what you can do. In other words, focus on skills and titles. Don’t put all your energy focusing on what you should do but on what you could do. Your success, in the long run, won’t come from working for a dream company or holding a prestigious job title. It depends on the skills and abilities you learn and brings to the table. This takes guts and a willingness to turn a traditional career path on its head.”

It is important to know that most times copying success does not work but designing and creating your success is the thing will eventually bring about career success.