8 Career Lessons To Learn From Little Kids In Nigeria

8 Career Lessons To Learn From Little Kids In Nigeria

Living and interacting with kids will make you realize that there are a lot of things that you can learn from them to help your career.There are many career lessons to learn from little kids if only you can pay attention and be very observant about their actions and behaviors.

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One may ask “what can I possibly learn from little kids to help my career?” this article will actually open your eyes to eight (8) important lessons you can actually learn from little kids.

Career Lessons To Learn From Little Kids

  1. Learn Not To Hold Grudges

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This is the first of many career lessons to learn from little kids. If you have stayed with little kids, you will agree that they never hold grudges no matter what you have done to make them angry.

You may refuse them candy or chocolate and they will cry and be angry at that point in time. Just come back in the next five minutes to play with them, all you will receive is a warm embrace and smile.

They won’t even remember what had happened the last five minutes. Why should you let a past grievance stick with you? It may feel great in the short while but in the long run, it’s an energy-sapping exercise.

  1. Be Bold And Confident To Ask For What You Want

It may feel selfish to put you first, it does even for me. I have come to realize that without asking, it is out of place to expect them to happen on their own accord.

For the little kids, if they want a carrot, they will ask for it and same goes for everything that they want. Asking for what you want makes you have a sense of value and worth. This is also a great career lesson to learn from little kids.

  1. Never Be Afraid To Negotiate

If you have the opportunity of spending some quality time with a little kid, you will come to know that they are very good at negotiating for what they want.

For example, you might want to rest and the kid wants you to carry him on your shoulder for a while. You may decline at the onset but the kid will keep persisting that you carry him. You will end up saying that you will do it for just 2 minutes and the kid will say its 5 minutes. The both of you will keep on until you have agreed to carry him for 5 minutes.

This negotiating ability is one of many great career lessons to learn from little kids.

  1. Be Ready To Adapt To Any Condition

Having watched little kids, I have come to understand that they quickly adapt to the changes in their environment.

If there are new people in the environment, they don’t get nervous for any reason; rather they see it as another means of entertainment.

At work, you will not just be dealing with new people; you will also have to deal with new problems. You should always try to be receptive to change in your place of work.

  1. Always Be Kind To Yourself

Little kids will always do things that make them feel good and great. They never beat themselves up because they failed to get something done.

They only put more effort into getting it right even if it means that they will have to disturb an older person to help them out.

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As someone that wishes to be successful in his/her career, you should always accept your negative days as you walk on ways to make amends.

On the other hand, enjoy your good days as they come. So long as you are around little kids, they will always be great career lessons to learn.

  1. Always Appreciate Your Family

Little kids always cherish and appreciate the time they spend with family. They long to be with their parents, siblings and loved ones.

This has thought me to always cherish the time I spend with my family and loved ones. It makes you happy both inside and outside of work.

Once you are happy, your productivity level will also increase.

  1. Learn How To Say No

Little kids will also teach you the importance of saying no to proposals and business negotiations that will not benefit you. Little kids always like to be in control.

They verbally let you know about their disapproval without fear or favor. Never accept a proposition out of fear or respect to anyone.

Always make sure that the proposition benefits you before you say yes to it.

  1. Falling Down Is Not The End

The age-long saying that “when a child is learning to walk and falls down 50 times, he never says to himself, maybe this is not for me.”

This teaches you that failing in an endeavor is not bag in its entirety. Failing is actually essential for growth.

You should be happy that you made a mistake because it shows that you are trying to get something done. I believe that this has opened your eyes to the great and wonderful career lessons to learn from little kids.