How To Create A Productive Workplace In Nigeria

How To Create A Productive Workplace In Nigeria

To have a workplace that works should be a priority in the mind of any entrepreneur. In order to create a productive workplace in Nigeria, there are certain steps that you must take.

These steps are what this article is all about; to help you create that positive environment in your place of work in order to be more productive.

You don’t want a dull environment or toxic environment, do you? The atmosphere you create will impact the productivity level in your company.

Your working environment matters greatly because it affects your mood, performance, and creativity as well as productivity.

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Creating that perfect environment for you and your employees can go a long way to increase the productivity levels of everyone in the workplace.

5 Ways You Can Create A Productive Workplace In Nigeria 

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  1. Have a relaxation space

The conventional workplace is always full of stress and things that induce stress.

So, in order to create a productive workplace, there is the need to have a place where workers go to in order to be free from the pressures that come with the workplace.

This place can include the lunch spots, sports rooms, as well as informal meeting rooms etc. this will really go a long way to help alleviate stress from you and your employees at the place so as to work optimally.

  1. Create places for private work

Employees also need a quiet place to do certain works. There are the kinds of works that any form of distraction will greatly increase the margin of error and mistake which in turn will reduce the productivity level.

Work privacy increases job performance and satisfaction according to the manager of the furniture retailer company, Steelcase, Meg O’Neil.

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Creating a variety of environments suited for different work styles and tasks is the key to ensuring that every employee performs at his/her very best.

  1. Be up to date with your technology

    create a productive workplace

If you really want to create a productive workplace for yourself and your employees, then you must never joke about having the services of better technology.

Better technologies as simple as faster Wi-Fi or portable office computers can really bring a lot of positive input into a workplace.

You must offer the best technology that your company offers in order to retain your best employees.

The tricky thing is striking a balance between meeting up with current technologies as well as the demands of your employees.

  1. Accessibility to natural light

According to the survey by Professor Alan Hedge of Cornell University, access to natural light increases alertness.

To drive home his point, he said that workers that work in offices that have smart glasses reported a whopping 56% decrease in drowsiness. So, to create a productive workplace, you should make sure to allow your workers access to natural light.

According to Dr. Brandon Tinianov, lack of natural light reduces the ability of the eye to relax and recover from fatigue.

The report also has it that those workers that have optimized daylight exposure experienced a 2% increase in their productivity level at the workplace. This is to say $50,000 for every 50 workers per year.

  1. Beautify the office with motivational works

To create a productive workplace in Nigeria, you can as well add photos or quotes of great men and women that have really succeeded in your line of work.

You will be surprised as to how much impact this can have on you and your employees.

By walking in every day to read the quote of these great achievers, it makes you work in order be like them. This, in turn, gives your extra push to give your best all times in your place of work.


Most times, you create the kind of environment you want to have in your workplace as an entrepreneur. Some are productive while others are counter-productive. Therefore, it is up to you do what is needed to get the right one.

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