Top 4 Job Skills That Pays Higher Than Other Skills in 6 Figures

If your goal is to make cool cash legitimately of course with earnings going to about the 6-figure kind of levels, then getting yourself acquitted with a couple of skills can go a long way for you.

Most of the renowned companies offer the 6-figure or even the 7- figure jobs to individuals with very high job skills due to the kind of service they render for the company.

These skills are mostly specific related, that means they are skills that you have to learn separately and not taking it as one of the general skills you can just learn briefly.

The skills you learn should be related to the industry you are involved in or working with.

The job skills to take note of include but it’s not limited to the following

Top 4 Job Skills To Know

  1. Software development

Well if your industry has to do with information technology, app or web development,  then a programming skill will definitely be needed for the job to be done effectively.

This is an opportunity for any interested individual to learn the skill or if you are already skilled in programming and designing you can take your skills to the next level by getting yourself acquitted with software development applications  and programs to get better chances of rising in your career and thus fulfilling  that dream of earning a 6 figure salary.

  1. Internet marketing

This type of skill is about making efforts to advertise and market products online through the use of the web, emails, social media platforms are many more and in return, they get sales leads.

Internet Marketing can be split into different areas which include web marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization.

  • Web marketing – it involves using search engines, e-commerce web among many other media of marketing.
  • Email marketing – uses the influence of email list as a platform for advertising and promoting products or services to existing and potential customers.
  • Social media marketing – it involves using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and many more platforms to promote products and services of businesses
  • Search engine optimization – this is a service sort out mostly by website owners or bloggers where they want their website to be on the first page of Google and thereby raking in lots of traffic for the website which then leads to tons of cash inflow.

If you can learn any of these skills and you are very good at it, you will most often than not succeed in your area of specialty and consequently rake in tons of money and many at times most people that operate this service earn in 6 figures and above.

  1. Project Management

Project managers have proven to be one of the most sort after skills in this day and age. To be certified a project manager, there are some certifications that are needed to be obtained first. Certifications like PMP and many others.

There are online platforms where you can exercise your skill, the platforms include Asana, Trello, slack, Basecamp and many more.

If your job is to coordinate all the members of a team and ensure they meet up with the deadline for a particular project, then you need the skills of a project manager.

Skills on how to manage people alongside the tasks required to be carried out , how to ensure the job is done well and in time and so many more.

Project managers are proven to be one of the high paying jobs.

  1. Financial Management

This skill is a very important one and it plays a very integral role in the success of a business or a company. As a financial manager, you need to understand how money operates, which expenses are to be made and which ones are not to be made and so many more.

Financial managers should be able to foresee the outcome of a decision and the market behavior as it relates to the financial status of the company. They are to advise against bad investment and persuade towards good ones.

They also earn tons of cash as their salary going to into millions.



Written by  Komolafe Oluwatimileyin Cornelius of Latest Mata.



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