BrumH, Is Using Blockchain To Disrupt Commerce in the Agricultural and Food Sector

BrumH, Is Using Blockchain To Disrupt Commerce in the Agricultural and Food Sector

Ever Since the history of mankind, humans have been dependent on agriculture for food shelter and clothing being the 3 basics amenities of man.

The Globalization and advancement of technology have helped make the agricultural sector better but causing harms at the same time.

These harms include corruption and disputes in agricultural commerce and transfer.

On This, the BrumH Blockchain Network is Introducing

BRUMH Farm Platform

A decentralized Blockchain system and solution for food and agricultural security.

With the BrumH Farm platform, Chan in China who owns a food processing factory can import agricultural raw materials from Satish in India who is a commercial farmer and the both of them can have a Fast, transparent, feeless and botherless transaction on the BrumH network called BrumHFarm


The BRUMH blockchain network vision is to provide a better-decentralized system eliminating the current issues of transparency, corruption and economy unevenness, and more so, the hassles in food channeling, distribution and security as it specifically concerns agriculture in its wholeness using the blockchain technology.

The technology behind the BRUMH network was inspired, conceived and brought to existence by the team’s extensive interest, passion, and research in food and agriculture in it’s entirety, and also, the need to improve the food ecosystem by speeding up transactions, processes and likes using a decentralized system was a key to making this happen.

The BRUMH blockchain network will quicken the speed of transaction in the agriculture system in terms of processing speed per transaction and processing in seconds.

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