Soxax, The Social Media Platform Is Using Blockchain to Disrupt Facebook, Twitter And Others

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The evolution of social media and social networking sites has been able to successfully play a pivotal role in growing businesses and infrastructure. Social media has since bridged gaps between brands and their clients thereby delivering a satisfying domineering presence to these businesses brands. Rather unfortunate than false, Social media platform has successfully siphon personal data and exposing their privacy and making them vulnerable to big analytics companies using their interests and social preferences to channel advertisement.

Introducing SOXAX a decentralized social media platform that rewards its user for content upload and activities on the platform; the social media that does more. The SOXAX Inc is a disruptive blockchain solutions company that is poised on leveraging on the disruptive features of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to birth a cutting-edge social media platform by providing a decentralized social media platform with her own cryptocurrency built on the Proof of Social (POS) and Proof of Activity (POA) algorithm that gives absolute dominance back to users allowing them to earn on all their activities from the SOXAX platform. SOXAX was built for everyone who uses the social media to interact and work on day to day.

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SOXAX is solving some key problems that other social media sites have used as a tool for money making which includes but not limited to the following.

  • Soxax is solving a data privacy problem
  • Soxax is  solving the negative effects of other social media platform
  • Soxax is creating a source of income

SOXAX prides itself in giving users maximum data protection and utmost privacy. We are adopting the end to end encryption data protection approach. Because we are decentralized, we give people the choice to fully encrypt their data or let it open.

Once encrypted, only the private key linked to the password of the user can decrypt the data and account. When a user (a Soxian) logs into their account, they must decrypt their account with their private key and unlock their account.

Data exchanged within SOXAX platform are encrypted and doesn’t leave the platform as a plain or readable information.

Just like the founding principles of blockchain technology, the Byzantine general’s principle is adopted and it is the foundational technology of the SOXAX platform

Therefore, your entire data is stored with end -to -end encryption, so that every data we get from you is encrypted before they are saved into our database and we will have no way to decrypt the data because only you can decrypt it.

In Soxax you earn for the following activities




All your earnings are in the Soxax dollars and directly sent to your wallet immediately as you earn.

SOXAX will be giving out over $100,000 worth Soxax coin to 10,000 persons in their airdrop starting on the 31th of March to 6th April 2018. All you need do is to;

  1. Sign up and complete your profile at ($2 Soxax)
  2. Join the telegram channel ($2 Soxax)
  3. Follow @soxaxinc on Twitter, Post, retweet your on Twitter ($1 Soxax)
  4. And submit the result of your Air Drop in Soxax Bitcointalk Thread with Your Soxax profile link and twitter handle

You can visit and follow us on twitter Soxaxinc