How Does MoneyManager Scratch Card Work In Nigeria?

How Does MoneyManager Scratch Card Work In Nigeria?

If what you need is a secure and convenient means of transferring money electronically here in Nigeria, by simply scratching a card, then MoneyManager scratch card is the option you have been waiting for.

MoneyManager is simply an instant electronic money transfer card which may be used for funds transfers to any part of Nigeria. The MoneyManager scratch card is targeted at providing Nigerians with a convenient and highly secure electronic funds transfer services.

MoneyManager Scratch Card2

This article explains how MoneyManager works and what you stand to gain from it. is just like the regular mobile phone scratch cards which you are conversant with, MoneyManager scratch card is available in several denominations ranging from 2,350 – 50,800 Naira. The MoneyManager scratch card or credit can last for about 180 days from the date of activation.

Some of the unique identification information which help in enhancing security and transaction tracking information on the MoneyManager scratch cards include:

  1. Batch number
  2. Expiry date
  3. Pay code
  4. Pin code
  5. Serial number

The Pin code and Pay code and sealed and you’d have to scratch off the seal to reveal the codes. By so doing, you completely agree to the T&C of the MoneyManager cards service.

A Step By Step Guide On How MoneyManager Scratch Card Works

Step 1:

The sender first purchases MoneyManager scratch card according to te denomination he/she wants from an accredited sales agent and/or dealer outlet. This can be at post offices, petrol stations, eating joints, hotels and other sales outlets nationwide.

A transaction fee or commission is exacted in the process which will be settled by the sender. That is why the sender pays a bit above the amount sent to the receiver. That’s just how the service works.

within five minutes, upon purchase of the card the recipient will be able to redeem it. designated banks’ systems automatically receives the batch and serial numbers in order to process the cashing of the transferred funds at any of the bank’s branches.

Step 2:

The sender simply scratches off the covered area to reveal the Pay codes and the Pin, just as would be obtainable in any other scratch card.

Step 3:

You can then send the Pin and Pay codes to the recipient maybe via SMS, email, WhatsApp etc. The sender then verifies the code to confirm that he/she received the right code is sent. To be on the save side, keep the card safely until the recipient has confirmed successful receipt of the funds.

Step 4:

The recipient will then locate any branch of the designated banks in Nigeria and give them the Pin and Pay codes. These includes Fidelity Bank, Oceanic Bank and Access Bank respectively.

Note that there will be a slight reduction in the actual money received by the recipient, from what was sent by the sender, the difference being payment for convenience fee or commission.

Also, note that it takes about five minutes for the recipient to redeem the funds sent by the sender

MoneyManager is indeed a convenient way to transfer money via scratch card. I will also like to share in your experience with the MoneyManager service.