How To Get Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria For Free

How To Get Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria For Free

how to fund payoneer mastercard in nigeria have been listed on this page and also how to withdraw from payoneer in nigeria.

Payoneer is a free, web-based financial service which enables people to make funds transfers to their local bank accounts. It also renders e-commerce payment services. Although offering  a free service, Payoneer does charge some percentages of commissions each time you make withdrawals using their cards, Payoneer Card.

Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria

Services Offered by Payoneer

  1. Free Account Creation
  2. free U.S Bank-account with routing number
  3. Debit MasterCard from Payoneer costs nothing to apply and may be used to make withdrawals on any of the local ATMs in Nigeria
  4. Payoneer pays you a free $25 referral bonus, when you refer someone to the service.
  5. Payoneer Master Card enables users to withdraw their funds from anywhere in the world using MasterCard supported ATMs.

You can use Payoneer to make monetary withdrawals from services like PayPal in which is unsupported in several countries of the word such as Korea North, Egypt, Pakistan, Jersey, Lebanon, and Iran, including Nigeria which has partial activation on PayPal.

How To Receive Payments Using Payoneer and Activate Paypal Accounts

Payoneer, since October 2015, does not allow funds transfers to any of the local bank accounts in Nigeria, not even the domiciliary accounts. So, if you wish to receive funds from PayPal you can use Skrill.

Using Payoneer’s U.S payment service, it is now possible today to PayPal accounts in countries where they are not supported. Additionally, you can use your Payoneer account to receive payments from affiliate programs, online stores etc. Payoneer is a convenient way of receiving online payments. How to open a payoneer account in nigeria is really easy just follow carefully to see how it is done.

Upon successful approval of your application, Payoneer will send you a physical debit MasterCard which you can use for buying goods and services as well as withdrawals of funds using any ATM. The money will be converted to and paid in  your local currency.

The process of getting a Payoneer MasterCard Debit Card in Nigeria is not strenuous. All you need is to register/signup for a Payoneer account and once it is fully approved, you will receive your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard at the location you indicated while applying.

How to Apply For Payoneer MasterCard in Nigeria

  • Login to payoneer.comand create a free account.
  • Supply your name, address etc. this should correspond with what is obtainable on your valid ID card which will be required during for verification.
  • Create a password, Secret Question and Answer and choose your ID type which could be your valid driver’s license or national ID card. It is necessary that you provide only correct details as it correspond to the information on the ID
  • Verify your shipping address. If you have need to change the initial shipping address you provided, you can do so by entering an alternate shipping address. This is the shipping address in Nigeria, to which your Payoneer Bank Card will be shipped to.
  • Once through, click the ORDER Button.

Wait for a few days for your approval application processes to go through. Once approved, an email notification will be sent to you via email containing the information provided on your card at the arrival estimated time.

your Payoneer MasterCard will then be shipped to the home address you provided during the application process. bear in mind that Payoneer does not deliver its crads to any P.O. BOX address in Nigeria.

It may take a few weeks/months for your Payoneer MasterCard to be delivered to your Nigerian address.

Upon expiration of the estimated time for your Payoneer MasterCard to arrive, simply contact the nearest Post Office branch in your area and furnish them with necessary information, including your designated shipping address used while registering for your Payoneer cards.

once you receive your Payoneer MasterCard, simply Sign in to your Payoneer  account to activate your card on the Payoneer website. Upon successful activation, you will be able to withdraw your fund any ATM or use it buy goods and/or services online.

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