How To Win The Heart Of The Hardest Investor In Africa: The HLS Strategy To Getting Investos

Investors can be very strict and stingy with parting with their money when it comes to investing in your business. You will not know until you approach one of them or you apply for a Grant or Loan.

Take for example;

Tens of thousands of people applied for the past 2017 YouWin Connect Empowerment Program.
55,000 of them crossed the first stage.

Now only 5,000 of them crossed and made it to the second stage.
What happens to the remaining 50,000 Creative and Industrious applicants with amazing business ideas?

What if I tell you a very SIMPLE Strategy to get any Investor to become Mad about your business idea like he was Charmed?

Yes! It’s like a BAIT!

I call it a bait because every Investor, no matter his status, behaves just like a FISH!!

Read on, I will tell you what I mean.

I call this my Strategy:
The HLS strategy, meaning HOOK, LINE AND SINKER Strategy For Cracking The Heart of the Hardest Investor.


The Hook is your Business Proposal which entices your potential Investor to get attracted to your business idea just the same way the bait of the Fisherman’s hook does to a hungry fish.

The way you structure your proposal matters a lot.

This is where you attract your investor and make him to start believing in your Company’s Capabilities.

To achieve this, your proposal must cover the following areas:

  1. The background or overview of your Company.
  2. A proper identification of the Investor’s needs or the problem they are trying to solve.
  3. Then you proffer you solution showing clearly how you intend to solve their problem using your products or services. You can also include in this section your past experiences of carrying out similar projects.

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If you are able to structure your hook very well, your investor will definitely become interested in you and would want to know what you are really up to.

Now at this point, you dive into your methodology.

In this section of your Proposal, you explain all the steps you would take to achieve the targeted result within the shortest possible time frame. Then go ahead to talk about your staffing strength and the qualification or experiences of your staff.

The qualification of your staff members should be related to the dynamics of the Investor’s needs. You don’t want him to be scared of handing his money over to some novice.

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But there is still a very BIG Problem!

Imagine yourself and other 10,000 applicants trying to get the attention of just one fish like YouWin for instance?

There must be something about your offer before you can win the heart of your potential Investor.

Even with the best Proposal, it only gets the attention of your Investor and not his Money.

You must drag him sheepishly down to your SINKER to get him Mad about your idea or Company and start begging you to DO BUSINESS WITH YOU.

Investors, most times are not moved by Stories, they want Figures.

Your Proposal should contain these figure in the Cost and Budget Section but that is not enough.

You must provide a well-detailed breakdown of your Cashflow and Projected Income Statement etc. which will be found in the second document you will need to submit to your investor; Your Business Plan.

But before I proceed, I have a Free Gift for you.

I want to give you a Professional Business Proposal Writing Template completely free.

It is a tool that will help you to write a Standard Professional Business Proposal in any field of business.

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This is the most important section of your application. In fact, it is a major determinant factor as to whether your Proposal will be approved or not. Hence, you must put in the last drop of your blood in writing a standard and concise business plan.

Your business plan should clearly show the following:

  1. Product/Service Description.
    2. Marketing Plan.
    3. Operational/Production Plan.
    4. Financial Plan.
    5. Loan Repayment Schedule.
    6. Depreciation Calculation.
    7. Proposed Income flow.
    8. Risk Management etc.

I have packaged a video Course on how to write an enticing business plan. I went into details to discuss the SURE-FIRE SECRETS Of How to Write an INVESTOR-WINNING Business Plan and get Investors Begging You With Their Millions to Invest In Your Business.

The Curse contains all the contents listed above. You will learn:

  1. How to Calculate your Loan Repayment Schedule.
  2. How to Calculate your Projected Income.
  3. How to Structure your Financial Plan.
  4. How to make healthy Financial Assumptions.
  5. Competition Analysis

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