Russell Sage Foundation’s Behavioral Economics Grant 2018 | See Details

Russell Sage Foundation’s Behavioral Economics Grant 2018 | See Details

Russell Sage Foundation’s Behavioral Economics Grant 2018

Russell Sage Foundation's Behavioral Economics Grant 2018

Letter of inquiries from the general public for Russell Sage foundation’s behavioral economics grant 2018 is open for consideration. This grant program supports innovative research that makes use of behavioral insights from psychology, economics, sociology, political science, and other social sciences to examine and improve the living conditions in the United States of America. Investigator-initiated research proposals that seek to expand their understanding of the social, economic, and political consequences of real-life behaviors and decisions.

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Areas Of Focus

  • Poverty, Inequality, and Mobility

Research has shown that poverty and other forms of resource scarcity occupy the minds of the people far more than other concerns.

  • Public Finance

Having a better understanding of human behavior may provide a more useful framework for analyzing public finance issues like social insurance, income support, and redistribution.

  • Racial And Ethnic Bias

Studies have shown that there is an existence of in-group racial biases in employment, criminal, judicial, and educational settings. This grant program will help against implicit racial stereotypes.

Russell Sage Foundation’s Behavioral Economics Grant 2018 Eligibility Criteria

  • All applicants must have a doctorate, but Russell Sage Foundation (RSF) can consider applications from scholars who do not hold a doctorate but have a strong career background that establishes their ability to conduct high-level, peer-reviewed scholarly research.
  • RSF encourages early career scholars to apply for Presidential grants.
  • The grant is open to all nationalities and the applicant does not have to reside in the United States, but the proposed research project must be on the United States.

How To Apply

The application for the Russell Sage Foundation’s behavioral economics grant 2018 is through the submission of a letter of inquiry online. You can visit the Russell Sage Foundation for more information.

Application Deadline

30th November 2018