How To Build An Effective Business Team In Nigeria: Your Route To Success

How To Build An Effective Business Team In Nigeria: Your Route To Success

Effective business team

It is one thing to have a team and an entirely different thing to have an effective business team for your startup in Nigeria. Make no mistake, building an effective business team is not as easy as it sounds, but it is very possible to achieve. Oftentimes, you start a business focused only on your customers and their needs, and how best to help them.  You may think it will be easy to find others who care just as much as you do. Well, your assumption can’t be any further from the truth.

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If you have worked with a team before, you will understand that human beings are very complicated and highly unpredictable. You may work alone while developing your idea or solution to a problem, but growing your business requires more than that. No man no matter how talented can simultaneously cover all the required areas in finance, marketing, customer support, production, marketing, etc. An effective business team is required to build a great and successful business.

The thing that most entrepreneurs fail to realize is the fact that building a great team is critical to startup success. If you have the wrong crop of people on your business team, you won’t have a chance at success irrespective of your business solution. If you consider many of the failed businesses, they were great solutions but poor and ineffective business team. While you are developing that great idea, you need to draft a good plan to assemble a great team.

Tips On How You Can Build An Effective Business Team For Your Startup

There are important tips necessary and needful when you want to assemble a great team for your business in Nigeria.

  • Define your business philosophy and culture, and then find the people who fit into that culture

Your first task should be to identify those that are eager and willing to work together in a ream. Going for the experts and professionals is great, but if such people cannot work with others then it is a time bomb waiting to explode. Get those that understand your business culture and philosophy. Hiring people based on culture and philosophy should take priority over qualifications.

I am not saying you should hire mediocre in your team, far from the truth here. You should at all times look for team members that imbibe and maintain your business culture. If your business deals more on communication, you shouldn’t hire someone that lacks social skills no matter how highly qualified.

  • Ensure your team understands and imbibes a common definition of success

To build an effective business team, you must find people who share your vision of success and have confidence in you. They should believe in what you have set out to achieve without any form of doubt. If you hope to achieve great things in your business, then you need to have a team that shares a common goal. Even the holy book said can two works together except they agree?

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  • Everyone must have something to bring to the table

Every team member must have something to contribute to the growth of the business. Right from the onset; make it clear on the parameters to be used to measure each person’s success. At the very beginning of the business, everyone must contribute out his or her own area of expertise until more people are hired.

  • Foster a conducive environment that nurtures solid relationships and laser-sharp focus

As an entrepreneur or startup founder in Nigeria, you must know that it is quite impossible for your team to focus its energy on the task at hand when they are distracted. Poor relationships with one another are often the major cause of distractions amongst team members. To get the best out your team, create the environment that fosters great relationship with each other.

  • Ensure your team has a shared purpose and reality

The success of your vision is highly dependent on your ability to energize your team around a shared purpose. At every point in time, remind the team of the bigger picture and how each and every one of them fit into that big picture. At all times, ensure their mind is receptive to your vision and business mission.

If you want to have an effective business team, then you must be prepared to do all that is necessary to achieve your goal.

  • Make sure that your vision has actionable plans

Aside from having great and lofty vision for your business, provide your team with actionable plans. Provide your team with the necessary things needed to create action plans for delivering a great business model. Equip all your team members to ask questions that will lead to positive results. Ensure your team is innovative and productive at all times. No one should sit on the fence for any reason.


No matter how great your business solution or model is, if you can’t put together an effective business team that will reach out to the customers, your idea might not scale the first few years. No matter what you do, ensure the right team is in place because they are your generals that will get the job done. A business without a system is doomed to fail and no system can survive without a great team.

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The question is not a matter of whether you need a team, it is actually how effective is your team? If you can’t answer the above question in the positive, then your business needs all the help it can get. No matter what you do, don’t neglect the importance of an effective business team.


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