How To apply for Payoneer mastercard In Nigeria in 2016

apply for Payoneer Mastercard in Nigeria

Getting a Payoneer Card in Nigeria is no big deal, having a verified Payoneer account in Nigeria is like operating a US bank from Nigeria where you can withdraw any money you make online using your Payoneer Master card in any of the available ATM machine across the country. In this post, am going to give you a step by step guide to Signing up, receiving and verifying your Payoneer card in Nigeria. Payoneer works just like Paypal but this time, you only receive payment from Companies and not individuals. So the big question now is;

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What is Payoneer?

Gtpedia defines Payoneer an online payment platform or system which allows users to get their hard earned money from different market places into their local bank accounts. It started in 2005 with just few countries but today, many countries have been added to the Payoneer system.

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Hence, Payoneer can be used as an international payment distribution system or solution that can be used to pay directly or indirectly to any other payment company’s Prepaid MasterCard®.

Features of the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

  • Users can Use their Payoneer card anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted worldwide or online.
  • Users can use their Payoneer card to withdraw cash at any ATM’s worldwide.
  • Users can comfortably access to their account online, which allows them to easily check their balance and transaction history.
  • Payoneer is now offering Local Bank Transfers as an added advantage to their prepaid MasterCard®

Know it that the Payoneer Local Bank Transfer Service allows users to receive payments directly to their local bank accounts (any bank in your country) in your local currencies at a very competitive discount rate.

Below is the step by step process of getting your Payoneer Card In Nigeria

How to set up a Payoneer account in few minutes

Step 1: Visit Payoneer Website by clicking on the Payoneer link page here

Payoneer sign up

 and Click on the receive and withdraw button

Step 2: Fill in Your Personal Details, see image below

payoneer sign up

Step 3: Fill in Your Contact Details; See image below

payoneer sign up

NOTE: Be very careful here. Make sure you contact address you are using is your correct contact address, as filling in an incorrect contact address will make you misplace the card when it arrives as the card will be delivered to the wrong address.
Step 4: Fill in Your Security Details

Payoneer sign up
NOTE: Due to rate increasing rate of hacking, you are best advised to make your password very strong my using numbers and letters. So kindly follow the instruction I’ve given by combining numbers and letters you can remember while filling in your security details. If you fail to use them, you will be unable to finish up with the registration process.

Step 5: Fill in The Almost Done Section.


NOTE: In this section you’ll be requested to provide a valid Identification Card (ID CARD details). So kindly choose from either a national Passport, national ID or Driver’s license. (For mine, I used my driver’s License)

All you have to do is simply type in the number of your card into the space provided. See image below;

Payooner account Payooner account set up

Payooner account

Once you’re done filling in the ID details, you will have to tick the box as shown below and click the submit button to continue to the next process.

Once you have correctly completed all the processes above, Payoneer will send you a confirmation email, Kindly log into your email account and follow the process below;

Step 6: Check Your Mail
Open your mail inbox, open the mail from payooner requesting you to confirm your email address and click on the account confirmation link.

You have to wait for about 15 minutes, after that, you will be sent another message approving your request.
A second link will be sent to you with the following message

ABA # (Bank Routing Number):

To verify your Payoneer account, follow either step 1 or step two below

Step one:

Note that: Your US Payment Service is yet to be verified. To ensure that payments you receive are credited to your account without any delay, you will need to verify your service by completing the following steps:

  1. Complete the US Payment Service Questionnaire
  2. Submit a copy of your government-issued photo ID (example Driver’s License)

For further information and clarification as regards the US Payment Service, Kindly sign in to your Payoneer online account and select “US Payment Service” from the “Receive Money” menu.

Please contact Payoneer for all US Payment Service inquiries by visiting or using their Contact Form.

Click the links above and fill in the forms and your card will be sent to you (any country) in roughly a month time.

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Step two:

Wait until you have received your card which will either be delivered to your contact address or check the nearest post office to confirm if it has entered or not,

Then sign in you your Payoneer account and type in your card number to Verify.

Once again use this link so get a new Payoneer account now for yourself is you don’t have one.

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