How To Make A Hand Sanitizer At The Comfort Of Your Home: Steps Involved 

How To Make A Hand Sanitizer At The Comfort Of Your Home: Steps Involved 

How To Make Hand Sanitizer

With the Coronavirus outbreak, it is important you learn how to make hand sanitizer, considering its high price in the market. When you are on the road and can’t find a place to wash your hands, the hand sanitizer can come in handy. The Covid-19 outbreak is likely to lead to a shortage of hand sanitizers, and you may resort to making yours at home. When you understand process of making a hand sanitizer, it will be easy for you to suit your taste.

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You can decide to go for the alcohol or witch-hazel-based hand sanitizer. You are bound to touch different things during your daily activities. It is always better to wash your hands with soap and clean water, but you can’t always have sinks around. The best is to always have a sanitizer with you at all times, especially when you are out of your house.

In this article, you will learn how to make both the alcohol and witch hazel-based hand sanitizer. There are those who do not like the strong smell of alcohol in their hand sanitizer. Alcohol can also have a severe drying effect on the skin, hence the reason for an alternative. Remember that a hand sanitizer should not replace hand washing. You only use it when it is necessary. If you also want to make a hand sanitizer for business, the procedure is the same. All you need is more materials to make it in a commercial quantity.

How To Make A Hand Sanitizer (Alcohol Based)

Here are the steps involved in making your alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  1. Get your necessary ingredients

The first step to learning how to produce a hand sanitizer is to find out about all the ingredients required to get the job done. Here are the ingredients that you need for your homemade hand sanitizer:

  • 2/3 cup 99% rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol or Vodka)
  • 1/3 pure Aloe Vera gel without additives
  • 8 to ten drops of essential oil like lavender, cinnamon, or peppermint
  • A mixing bowl
  • Plastic container
  • A spoon, and
  • Funnel

Mix the alcohol and Aloe Vera in the bowl

Add the Aloe Vera and alcohol in a bowl and stir thoroughly to mix together and produce and smooth mixture. To make the solution thicker, you can consider the addition of another spoonful of Aloe Vera. On the other hand, you can also thin the solution out by adding another spoonful of alcohol.

  1. Add essential oil to the mixture

You should add the essential oil one drop at a time while stirring the mixture. After adding about 8 drops, smell the mixture to know whether you like the scent. If the scent is strong enough, you can stop there. You can add extra drops if you like a stronger scent. Either of the lavender, peppermint, clove, or cinnamon have the added benefit of providing additional antiseptic properties to the mixture. You can use any other scent of your choice if you don’t like the ones mentioned here.

  1. Pour the mixture into a container

When you are done with your mixture, place the funnel over the mouth of the container and pour hand sanitizer into the container. You can fill up the container and screw up the lid until you are ready to use it. If you wish to carry the hand sanitizer with you all through the day, a small squirt bottle works perfectly. Save the leftover in a jar with a tightly fitted lid.

How To Make A Hand Sanitizer (Witch Hazel-Based) 

This alternative is for those that do not like the strong scent of alcohol or its drying effect on the skin. The tea tree oil provides you with additional antiseptic benefits. Let’s get to the things you need to make your witch hazel-based hand sanitizer.

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  1. Get the ingredients ready

The ingredients for making your witch hazel-based hand sanitizer include the following:

  • 1 cup of Aloe Vera gel
  • 11/2 teaspoons witch hazel
  • 25-30 drops of tea tree oil
  • 5 drops of essential oil like lavender
  • The mixing bowl
  • Spoon
  • Funnel, and
  • The plastic container
  1. Add the Aloe Vera, tea tree oil, and witch hazel in the bowl

When you add these ingredients in the bowl, stir thoroughly to ensure a homogenous mixture. If the mixture is too thin, add another spoonful of Aloe Vera to thicken it. On the other hand, if it is too thick, add a spoonful of witch hazel.

  1. Add the essential oil

You need to go easy on your addition of essential oil since the smell of the tea tree oil is already strong. At most, five drops should be perfect for the making of your witch hazel-based hand sanitizer. If you want to add more, do it one drop at a time.

  1. Pour the mixture into a container

Place the funnel over the mount of the container and fill in the prepared hand sanitizer. Once you are done filling it up, screw the lid until you are ready to make use of it. Consider using a squirt bottle if you want to carry it around with you. Also, save the leftover sanitizer in a jar with a tightly fitted lid.


If you wish to make a hand sanitizer for business, the same procedure applies. All you have to do is get more materials for commercial production. Even with your hand sanitizer, always make sure you properly wash your hands with clean water and soap.




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