How to Get a Legitimate Entry Visa to Canada in 5 Ways

It’s good to be a Nigerian citizen and live in Nigeria. There are no reasons why you should look for a legitimate entry visa to Canada and desire to know the visa application options open to you?

There are numerous ways to secure a legitimate entry visa to Canada, and some of them will be briefly. So that you can have an idea on the basics of getting a legitimate entry visa and other available options open to you and how you can make use of them for your travel purposes.

legitimate entry visa to Canada

5 ways to obtain a legitimate entry visa to Canada

1.  Business visa

In order to procure a legitimate entry visa (business visa) to travel to Canada, your business worth is required to fall under three broad groups before you can be considered a visa. Such as those that want to invest; those that want to (startup) launch a business in Canada, and also self-employed individuals.

For you to be granted an investment visa, you are expected to have 250,000 Canadian dollars for investment. For Startup Visa, your business idea must have been backed up by a selected business stakeholder organization so that you can qualify for this visa. For the Self-Employed Visa category, you must prove that you have an important economic contribution that you want to impart in Canada different areas such as journalism, writing, and publishing, photography, sports etc. With all these proves, you can be granted a legitimate entry visa.

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2.  Family visa

It is possible to obtain a legitimate entry visa to Canada. If your spouse that you are legal to be in Canada and funding your trip already. Your spouse has to be a citizen or a permanent resident in Canadian. Apart from this, he or she must agree to sign an undertaking to offer financial backup to you when you are in Canada.

Under this system, it is also possible to get a legitimate entry visa to Canada if your parents or grandparents are in Canada already and also sponsoring your trip. Your guarantors must concur to 20 years undertaking, and provide three years of Canadian tax documents to back their incomes.

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3. Temporary work permit
Here, you can get a legitimate entry visa to Canada on a provisional work permit, but an employer that stays in Canada must be the person to fund your trip to the country as a hired employee. When you are hired to work in Canada, your employer can provide the necessary documents to facilitate your travel to Canada.

It must, however, be well noted out that the employer must prove that the post you are going to be hired for cannot be done any Canadian citizen or but only by a foreigner like you can do it. He must also demonstrate that he has made enough efforts to hire someone stays in the country for the particular job without any success before reaching out to you across borders.

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4. Federal Skilled Trades Category (FSTC) visa
If you have skill in a specific labor, you can get a legitimate entry visa to Canada to perform such skilled trades. The main idea is to attract more expertise to Canada to enhance the economy and meet the demands of the local populace. You must have a skill in either English or French, two years of paid work experience at least, possess service requirements, and have an offer of employment from companies in Canada.

5. Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNP) visa
Under these programmes, you can secure a work or legitimate entry visa that offers you a residency that will be permanent for you to work in a particular province in response to the demands of the province or territory. These can be commercial jobs or semi-skilled jobs, and it may also include investments, free enterprise, or graduate job programmes.
Once a territory gives a certificate of recommendation that is valid for 6 months to you as an applicant. Your application can be submitted for permanent residency as a provincial nominee.