The best Way To Make Money From Blogging In 2020

The best Way To Make Money From Blogging In 2020

make money from blogging

Blogging has been around for some time but as of 2005, only a few knew how to make money from blogging. It is also unfortunate that this reality has not changed much either. 

Blogging is all about knowledge sharing. From news to apps, games, videos, money, gossip, and all that. If you post some of this data on a blog, then you are a blogger. So, in other words, a successful information provider is a successful blogger. For those looking for how to make money with a blog for beginners, this article is fitting.

This is 2020 and so many still don’t know how to make money from blogging. You are probably one of them or you already know how to make money from blogging. Either way, read on because you will either learn or contribute your quota at the comment section. 

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The funny thing is that it was easier to put up content back in the days and make money. By implication, it was easier to make money from blogging in 2000 than in 2020. The Google algorithm keeps changing and the competition keeps increasing.

But this is where it gets interesting. You cannot just put out shitty content all the time with nice SEO and get money and you cannot have a shitty SEO with great content and expect to make money. There are so many factors at play here and you must adhere to them if you want to make money from blogging.

So, are you looking for:

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Just read on. We got you covered.

In this article, we have put together a guide that will work for you on blogging. You can follow it and still make money even if you are a newbie. Remember, it is no longer business as usual. Stay with us if you want to make money from blogging. 

The best way to make money from blogging

make money from blogging

These steps below will shock you with enough money. If you follow them, you will learn how to make money from blogging anywhere in the world.  

1. The Niche is key. Pick the right one.

The first step is to pick a niche that you are passionate about and good at, to become a popular blogger. This is really an important aspect of a good blog.

Don’t open a news blog because they do news blogs for everybody. Open a gaming blog that is mainly focused on gaming, if you are nice and enthusiastic about gaming. Start from there, no matter the niche that you are good at. You can venture into other niches in the future when you have started.

It becomes easier to write content when you blog about a niche that you are cool and enthusiastic about because you know it all. Since that is what you love, your level of motivation will also be strong. There is nothing wrong with money blogging, but you have to make sure that you balance it by providing good content to your readers. 

So, have a blog on what you love as that is key to making money from blogging. 

2. Pick a fast hosting Platform and a Theme

We suggest that you pick a good hosting company that is quick and with good customer service while you are launching your WordPress site. 

In blogging, pace is very important. Nobody likes a blog that loads slowly. Google and other search engines don’t either. A blog that loads easily will help you rank high. And the pace begins with your hosting service. It is also important to note that the company has to provide good customer service or you will always have issues.

You can try hosting Hostgator, Inmotion or Namecheap. These are fast hosting companies with awesome customer support. 

The WordPress theme or blogger template that you use is another thing that will affect your pace. You need a theme that is quick and clean. Your tempo can be greatly influenced by the theme you use. So make sure that before you buy, you use tools like Google speed insight and Pingdom to test every style.

MyThemeShop is also known for creating fast and SEO-friendly themes, and you can scan Theme Forest for fast themes. 

  1. Be original

Pay a lot of attention to originality, if you want to succeed in blogging and make money from blogging because it is very important! This is where many bloggers are struggling. They open a blog and begin to copy and paste other bloggers’ posts. Your readers can be fooled, but Google and other search engines can not be fooled. A lot of money is expended by Google and other search engines to combat plagiarism, so they are ahead of the curve. 

You will be figured out and your blog identified as spam in no time. That’ll be the end of search engine traction. Your traffic is going to start to decrease.

Notice that Google and other search engines have tools that allow duplicate content to be reported to people. If you copy other people’s works and they report you to google, you will be labeled as spam.

Being labeled by Google as spam is very risky. Google Adsense, which is also owned by Google, is one of the best ways to make money from blogging. While it can not be created, it can have an impact on your Google Adsense to be marked as spam. You just don’t know what will come out of it.  

The original content is loved by Google and other search engines. With more traffic, they are going to thank you for it. 

Original content also shows Google that you really have good knowledge to post, not just another blog. This makes you authoritative.

If you ever need to copy a paragraph in your article from another blog, make sure you give them credit. It will be seen by Google and they will not penalize you. 

If you are in the news niche, where quotes and press releases are sometimes the same, you do not bother about duplicate content at all. 

  1. Do the SEO

make money from blogging

SEO means optimization for search engines. The way you try to improve your traffic from search engines is to put SEO simply. The most critical traffic for bloggers and corporations, as you might already know, is from the search engine. That’s because they’re traffic targets.

There is a potential for search engine traffic to make you more money than any other traffic. And it will give more authenticity and leverage to your blog than any other website. With lots of organic traffic, marketers love blogs. Meanwhile, search engine traffic is commonly referred to as organic traffic. 

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On-page SEO, the basic SEO that you have to do here is usually done on the site before publication. 

Plugins are available that will direct and assist you. Yoast and the All in One SEO Pack are the two most common SEO plugins. 

At over 5 million downloads, Yoast is the most common. Ok, and guess what? Here at entorm.com, we use Yoast.

Writing a blog post and pressing publish is not just okay. Use either of these plugins to customize your article and make it perform well in the search engine, and follow the directions when posting. 

You can see the box below when you open your WordPress writing guide after downloading the Yoast plugin.

Then press the keyword for Emphasis. For the post, you are targeting, set a keyword. Automatically, the plugin will pull up suggestions for you to test. Test out some suggestions in red and at least get the top bar with an average green light. That shows that your SEO on the page is good for that post and is well configured.

When you click on it, remember that we have yet to set the focus keyword for this post in this screenshot. This is how the focus keyword box looks. 

This is crucial for optimizing your post and allowing the search engine to understand it more. If you do them, the recommendations are helpful and have the potential to make your article rank high in the search engine. 

The Yoast plugin or any other SEO plugin is only installed by most new bloggers and that’s it. They don’t take the time for this to work.

5. Consistency is key

Opening a blog, dropping five posts, disappearing for a month, coming back, dropping one post, and disappearing again is not enough. No one takes you seriously. Not from your readers, not from your search engine. Consistency is essential. 

Continue writing. As soon as you’re going to. Write at least a post a week, no matter how small. Do it more often if you can. 

Place yourself in your readers’ shoes. Today, you saw a good blog, you clicked, you read the articles, you love it. Then you’ll be back tomorrow, nothing new, nothing new, nothing new, five days later, nothing new, nothing new, nothing new, nothing new, nothing new one week later. Are you going to seriously keep going back?

Try to be clear. Google and other search engines are also very fond of accuracy. This implies that you are a credible source. 

You also don’t know which post your break-even post would be. The one that is going to go viral and attract the world’s attention to you. 

Don’t quit ever. Continue writing. The more you publish, the more readers you receive, the more power you develop. 

Don’t plan to start a blog today, and Boom is here tomorrow! Unless you have a huge sum of money to throw at it. Be consistent and patient if you start from scratch.

6. Monetize your blog

Knowing how to make money from blogging is one of the ultimate reasons for being a blogger. To make money from your blog, learning how to monetize your blog is essential. The right way to make money blogging is to monetize your blog. 

One question that is posed by beginners is, how do bloggers make money? It is difficult to monetize all blogs in the same way. Because of their niche that will make good money from Google Adsense, there are blogs that will make more money from affiliate marketing or selling your own goods. 

You have to explore and find the best way to make money out of your blog as a writer. 

These are the most common ways to make money from blogging.

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the most common ways to make money from blogging. We use Google Adsense here at entorm.com, as a matter of fact. Once you begin to get traffic on your blog and have enough content posted. It is time to submit an application for Google Adsense. All you have to do is visit the website for Google Adsense and apply for it. 

It is straight forward and fast. You put the code in your blog once you are accepted you start making money. On your site, Google can display advertisements, get money from the advertisers, and divide it with you. Without conflict or other problems.

Google Adsense works well on all sorts of websites, as long as the terms and conditions are not broken. You should experiment and try a variety of ad units and placements to see what works best for your blog. 

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can make you a lot of money from your blog, but it depends on the niche. If you’re in a niche that revolves around goods and services such as insurance, property, finance, fashion, blogging, electronics, gaming, and more like that, you can make a lot of Affiliate marketing than Google Adsense.

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All you need to do is enter a network of affiliates, such as Commission Junction, Linkshare, Amazon Affiliate, ShareASale, Network eBay Partner, ClickBank. Then look for products or services relating to your niche and give good commissions on your blog and promote them. 

You will make money from blogging when your readers buy or sign up. 

Affiliate marketing may not work so well for niches like news and gossip.

3. Sell your product

On your blog, you can even sell your goods and make much more money than any other approach. The best thing about selling your goods is that you don’t share anybody’s benefit. 

You can sell your books, ebooks, fashion, gadgets, and everything relevant to your niche, depending on your niche. The good thing is, with Shopify, if you don’t have a product to sell, you can create your own online shop. 

Then copy inventories into your online store from various producers and suppliers around the world. On your blog, support them. When people shop, the manufacturers will supply the product to the customers and you will collect your payment.

4. Sponsored post and direct ad

By accepting supported content, you can make money from your blog. In order to put a post on your blog, individuals and businesses can pay you. Usually, the post rhymes with the content of your blog. If you want to accept a sponsored post, you can put sponsored post details on your blog and drop an email so they can contact you. 

From direct adverts on your blog, you can also make money. You are approached by advertisers, you enter an agreement and get paid. Having a ‘advertise with us’ section, where you put your contact information and media kit, is advisable. 

These are the basics, and you can monetize your blog in other ways. Depending on your niche, study more. There is no ending to what you can achieve from your blog. 

7. Work on optimization

Your blog should be tailored to the search engine and your users. It’s necessary here. As a blogger, you should always ensure that your blog is always well configured. 

Google and other search engines rate blogs with the following:

Low bounce rate

Your bounce rate should not be above 69%. The bounce rate is when people visit your website, read, and leave one page. To keep them interested, use resources like Related post plugins. Interlink your posts as well.

Mobile friendly

Make Your blog mobile-friendly. Google loves this. Make sure that your blog is sensitive in order to do this. I say, it can be adapted to any screen, whether it’s a computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone. 

Load time

Make it quicker for your page to load. Don’t use too many plugins that are redundant. To enhance your speed, try using a caching plugin. Also, a CDN network can assist.

Get visitors coming back

Have your guests interested and carry them back to your blog. That will tell the search engine that you love your website.

Click-through rate

When your blog appears on a search engine, how many times it is clicked will go a long way to influence your ranking. If a lot of people click when they see it, it tells the search engines that your blog is informative and educative. They’re going to reward you, 

So make it a catchy search engine snippet for readers to press when your blog appears on the search engine. A decent meta overview for your home page, sites, categories, tags and posts can be written using the Yoast plugin.

Submit your blog to search engine

It will allow them to understand your blog more by uploading your blog to the search engine. And it’s also going to help you understand how your blog works and where you need to make improvements. 

To send your blog to Google, you can click here. All you have to do is sign up for your link and apply it. Verify that the platform is your own. Then build and apply a sitemap with the Yoast plugin or some other plugin for the sitemap. 

To submit your blog to Bing and Yahoo, click here. Sign up for an account after submission, so that you understand where you can develop. 

You can also send your blog to Yandex by clicking here.

Link Building

The building of links is all about other blogs that relate to you. It is really important for SEO because it informs the search engine that if a larger site links back to you, you are important. Never try to establish ties with the Blackharts, though. Let them naturally come. The White Hart System only. 

In your own post, they can find and connect back to the resource page of major blogs and websites. Explore other white hart methods for achieving natural relations as well.


8. Build followership

It is essential to create loyalty. As we do here at Entrepreneur Platform, you can use an email list. Let your email list subscribers be your readers. You can email them anytime you publish a new post or series of posts. A lot of them do not know that anything new is there. 

Also, use it any time you have a product to use. The email list for a blogger’s success is very strong. 

You may also create a following on social media. But first, try to concentrate on one social network. Trying to do it all at once is really distracting. You can open many, but concentrate on increasing one. Facebook and Twitter do better in recommendation terms than the rest.

9. Invest the money you are making

You have to realize that it’s a business to blog. It is not just a hobby. Like a business, handle it. Try to invest a portion of it in your SEO as you make money, create commercials, enhance designs, content, and extend your scope. A good blogger is a blogger who treats an organization like a blog. Don’t just concentrate on how to make blogging money and forget to put any part of the money back in it.

10. Keep learning

You never quite knowing something. You have to keep reading and learning in order to become a good blogger and make money blogging. Very frequently, new material comes out, don’t be obsolete. Search engines often change their algorithms ‘so stay updated




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