How to Enjoy Road Travel Experience in Nigeria in 7 Ways

Whether you want to go on a short or a long road trip. There are basic things you have to do in order to have a fun-filled road travel experience. Therefore, whether you have to visit the subsequent part of town in the 45-minute journey, or you have to spend five hours traveling to another state within the country.

The road travel experience

Things you can do to enjoy your road travel experience

  1. Road Travel Experience: Prepare ahead of time
    There is a difference when going on a long trip all alone and going with your entire family. There is also a difference between paying a driver for the journey and having to drive cross-country yourself. You need proper preparation and you must plan for the trip on time. The car must be served and well checked for the long/short trip. Your kids must be aware that you will be traveling long distance with them. So that your kids won’t be asking you question such as when are going to get there? Your family needs should be packed two days before the day you have the plan to travel. This will help you not to forget anything. You should also be conversant with your traveling route very well. All these will make you enjoy your road travel experience.

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  1. Road Travel Experience: Pack all necessities 
    Your clothes, shoes, and bath towel among others should be packed ahead of time. Your power charger for your mobile phone should your phone battery runs down? Your iPod or music player, exciting books for yourself or the kids to read, water bottles and baskets of snacks, tissues, bed sheet and blanket, notepads, and journal or whatever you fancy you just might need in order to have a good road travel experience.
  2. Road Travel Experience: Keep the kids occupied 
    Kids always enjoy the road travel experience but they soon bored of the extensive journey and become upset. Therefore, ensure to have books and audiobooks that are very engaging. You can also bring playing toys along for the kids. You can also tell them an exciting story that they will enjoy.

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  1. Road Travel Experience: Tell about the towns and villages
    Every towns or village you enter when driving your kids. They are always for inquisitive to know where they are. For you to make them enjoy their road travel experience you must tell them where they are. You can even tell them to read the signposts, tell you their names of the villages or guess the name of the next village or town.

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  1. Road Travel Experience: Make periodic stopovers 
    Plan to take a break when driving at towns that are very popular and spend a few minutes exploring the town on foot so that you can stretch your legs. Kids enjoy it when you break at major towns and show them around before continue with your journey, and this also makes you feel more for the remaining stretch of the journey. This will make your road travel experience worthwhile.

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  1. Road Travel Experience: Eat snacks in the car
    It is always fun to eat snacks in the car while seeing the trees fly past. The snacks you have arranged for the kids can be eaten as you travel. Make sure you or the kids take only water or minimum beverage drinks, not soda or alcoholic drinks. In order for them to keep on stopping you to empty their bladder.
  2. Road Travel Experience: Set a target for everyone
    Task everyone on the trip to get something done in preparation for the return trip back home. Maybe watch out for memorabilia to buy or an idea to borrow from the trip which can be used back home to achieve something. Anything to keep the mind working and the trip interesting for everyone.