How to start a Profitable Tissue Paper / Serviette Manufacturing Company in Nigeria

How to start a Profitable Tissue Paper/Serviette Manufacturing Company in Nigeria

Tissue paper/serviette manufacturing everywhere is a profitable business everywhere. This is because the use of tissue has become very crucial and necessary to running the 21st century home.

You cannot overemphasize the use of tissue papers and serviette in homes and other places. Its use cut across many factors.

It can be used for cleaning and sanitary reasons in homes, restaurants, social gathering, offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, maternity homes, hospitals, educational institutions, churches, and clubs, amongst many others.

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Tissue paper/serviette manufacturing has become necessary because the world has evolved to have needs that they can solve. I cannot possibly begin to tell you that everybody in the country needs either tissues or serviettes. The market is enormous.

Starting a Tissue paper/serviette manufacturing company is one of the legitimate ways to make a lot of money in Nigeria in particular and the world at large.

If you have interest in starting a tissue paper/serviette manufacturing, we will guide you here by giving you tips on how to go about it.

Starting a Tissue Paper/Serviette Manufacturing Company in Nigeria

  1. Long and Exhaustive Research

Learning is the best way to prepare for anything or any business is to research on it. If you have any interest in tissue paper/serviette manufacturing industry, you should take some time to study the industry and know what it entails.

You need arm yourself with the necessary and adequate information needed to start the business. Don’t bother about people who have started the business but rather, focus on yourself and you will be a success.

  1. Go on Trainings

In addition to research, it is advisable that you train when you want to start a tissue paper/serviette manufacturing company. The essence of training is as clear as the sky. You have to get the necessary training needed to succeed in the industry.

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  1. Get Registered and Get a License

When you are done with the training, the next thing is to go for the registration of the company so as to have a license. Operating without having your business registered by the appropriate authorities is sheer folly.

The truth is if you start your tissue paper/serviette manufacturing without a license, you are only beckoning on failure. You must have to document your business to stand a chance at success.

  1. Draw up a Business Plan

A business plan is a necessity if you want to start a tissue paper/serviette manufacturing company in Nigeria. A business plan is essential to starting a business and sustaining a business. As a matter of fact it serves as a guide for you and your general employees in tracking whether you have derailed from the core of quality production. You should get it right.

  1. Get a Location

You need to find a place to situate your business. You need a location that is not within the residential area.

This is so because you would not want to disturb the peace of the neighborhood with noisy machines and what have you. You don’t want to sued for economic hazard caused by your company.

  1. Equip Your Factory

You need to have equipment if you will start a tissue paper/serviette manufacturing business or industry anywhere in the world.

You will need to put some machines in place. Some of them are Core making machine, Band Saw cutter, Rewinding Machine, The perforating unit, the embossing unit, and the various raw materials that are mostly readily available in most countries of the world

  1. Hire Experienced Workers

For you to start a profitable tissue paper company in Nigeria, you have to consider the human resources available to you. You have to get some experienced hands to do the job. The people you hire have to have the necessary skills and commitments to the company if you will succeed.

When you hire rookies or inexperienced employees, you have the possibility of making a lot of mistakes in your company. You also risk producing substandard goods which will on the larger scale have bearing on your success.

  1. Have Solid Marketing Strategies

This is important to the survival of business and it is the beginning of the end of your company if you neglect it. People will have to know of your existence and why your product is better than others.

When you start a tissue paper/serviette industry, it is imperative that you build a customer base so as to be able to have sales and make profit. This customer base is a function of advertisement and marketing.

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Now indecision is the worst kind of decision. To start a tissue paper/serviette company, we need to be able to do a lot of things. What we have managed to give you is capable taking you the heights of you dreamt of.